How long do you read for?

Sophie N.
It really depends. If I am finding it hard to find time to read then I aim for a very small measure, maybe 5 mins or even just one page. Ideally I put aside half an hour to read, but this can easily end up as 1 or 2 hours!
Galina Z.
Usually I read on the bus ride. So that can range from 30-50 minutes and also depends on if I read off the bus for another 10-20 minutes for my walk home or to uni. Then there’s also the added aspect of if I read both in the morning and in the afternoon, or if I choose to read a bit at home.
Valentine Z.
Depends on the time I have or the mood I'm in. I read whenever I have a spare minute and in the morning when I first wake up.
Katelyn Z.
I try to at least read for 30 minutes a day before going to bed, just so I can fall asleep faster, but I definitely have consistent days where I read 1-2 hours a day. Of course there are days where I read in 15 minute intervals throughout the day or sometimes I do it all in one sitting but I definitely ensure that I get my reading time in for at least 30 minutes, which seems difficult but it’s definitely an easy task to tackle with a book you never want to put down.
Clarisse O.
I don't like to establish schedules when it comes to reading, I just go with the flow. If I'm not really in the mood but still want to get some reading done, I'll probably read for about 10/15 minutes. However, when I'm in the mood, I enjoy reading for longer periods of time! 🙂
Ella A.
It depends on the book i read. I usually read 2 long chapters and it's about 30 mins or 1 hour. Sometimes when i listen to music while reading i'll read until the playlist finished (of course i have to adjust the song so it will finish the time i want).
M Lanie S.
To be honest I’m a complete bookworm, and I like to read for hours at a time. Though sometimes I just don the have the time. I like to read for at least 30 mins a day. To take a break from reality for a good half hour will do you’ve good