Kindle or actual book, and why?

Stella B.
I prefer kindle because it is much easier to get started on a kindle than with a real book. Though you can be much more consistent with a real book.
Johanne Y.
For shorter and less interesting days I use kindle. But for more important things to remember, I like to use an actual book. That way I can pick up the book later in life and look back on it with joy or sadness, whatever emotions I felt. But with more standard days, I use kindle to track them like a diary. Because it’s on my computer, I don’t check it that often, so if I’m bored I’ll just write in the actual book. Typing is simply faster, so when I just need to write it down instead of thinking, I use kindle.
Any W.
Actual book, but I admit that recently I've been reading more on Kindle. but nothing compares to hold an actual book on your hands and smell the pages
Sandro P.
I like the actual book a little bit better because I do not have to look at a screen. Staring at a screen for long periods of time is a bad habit for me. I also like to collect books because I think they're cool.
Gitta X.
I like to read an actual book especially if it is late at night so I’m not just staring in to a screen. I also love books for just the interaction of flipping a page,plus you can get a cute bookmark. Overall, I think books are more fun to enjoy than a kindle book.
Sheryl Q.
I prefer actual books. Basically because with actual books I spend less time on a screen and I take care better of myself.
Lucy P.
I will listen to an audiobook or read the EPUB of a book first and if I love it I will buy a physical copy. I love physical books and I collect them, and I gush over them when I get a new one, but audiobooks are just more convenient, and I can listen while I’m doing other things like cleaning, cooking or driving. And I know the author still gets money as I get them through audible. EPUB books are great because I will take a risk on a new author or a genre outside my preferences, and often find new things to love because of that.
Oc Ane O.
I would prefer an actual book. I love the smell of books and it actually helps me to disconnect and unplug. I don't get easily distracted. But in my country it's hard to get hard cover books so I have to make do with e-books
Gilbert Q.
I would prefer an actual book as I like having physical copies and keeping them to see all of the books I have read. I also like being able to physically turn pages and I like going to bookstores to get books.
Yaman A.
I don’t know why but I love having a physical book in my hands that I can feel, flipping the pages, the way I can hold it and very weirdly I love the smell of books. And flipping every page by hand I can feel the achievement of finishing another page much better.
Cristina G.
an actual book, because i dont spend more time on my phone or using any technology at all. also, its better for my eyes and feels more authentic
Hellmuth R.
That’s a tough question. I have always enjoyed having an actual book in my hand, but since I got a kindle for Christmas, I’ve been enjoying using it. You have access to a lot of free books on demand, on top of books you can purchase as well. So, as of recently, I would maybe switch to team kindle, slightly over an actual book.
Lisa Y.
I'll go for the actual book since I can feel and relate more to the book that I am reading. I love the texture of the book, pages, highlighting important phrases while reading.
Trinity T.
An actual book because personally I like turning the page. The touch and feel of a book in your hands is better the swipe of a screen. There is nothing like a book.
Lucas Z.
kindle book gives me opportunity to mark new words i’ve learned. it also gives me opportunity to see what phrases people marked as significant.
Patty N.
I’ve download a few books in my phone if I’m on the go but, having a physical book in hand during a night reading is very cozy too.
Stella A.
In my opinion it doesn't matter what you read on as long as you're reading, though books are preferred. Real books don't have blue light so you can read at night. Real books also don't require power, so you don't have to end your reading session prematurely. They are also portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go.
Isabella E.
Actual book, I don’t like looking at a screen. I like being able to feel the pages and smell the fragrance of the book, it’s just very therapeutic.
Alexander O.
Actual book. Nothing better than a story your eyes don't strain over with the nostalgia of the feel of a book in one's hands, the smell of the pages. Books any day of the year.
Mina O.
The actual book is better than the Kindle, because the Kindle hurts the eye while you're allowed to open other apps and games that will distract you from your actual goal
Hansj Rg J.
Both, because there is almost no difference between reading on a Kindle vs paperback books. You get the same information, you develop your vocabulary just as well, and you learn just as much.
Aimuni M.
Actual book give me a sense of reading. Me holding the book, flipping though pages, touching the paper texture, and smelling the smell of book, especially a new one.
Caroline U.
I mostly prefer an actual book as due to online studies my screen time is already high and I read books to gives my eyes rest
Line I.
Actual book because turning pages with your fingers and feeling the paper is way more realistic and fun for me than a digital one
Benjamin W.
Actual book, kindle might be useful, it doesn't even come close to the feel of holding a book in your hands, turning the pages. "Books holds memories our life, for when we open them again, we are back where we openned it for the first time, we feel what we felt" – Inkheart (citation not word for word). Also, book decorates a house, give it life. I would aslo add that ready is a very good opportunity to unplug from our sceens, relaxe our eyes from the constant light and vivid colours, which kindle doesn't offert that kind of resting, peaceful moment.
Cindy Z.
I read kindle rather than actual books now, mostly bcuz I do not have good vision now & trying to read print gives me a headache. I also like being able to carry my book library around w me so I can read anywhere at any time.
Marinara S.
I personally love reading a physical book. There's something so much more rewarding and satisfying about opening a book and flipping it's pages and eventually finishing it. I love how they look on my book shelf and I love that seeing the progress I've made when I place my book mark in the spot I've left off. I don't mind kindles, but I tend to get distracted alot more.
Ga L Q.
If I were to choose the most important reason why books are better than a Kindle or any other e-reader, this would be it. Books never turn off because you forgot to charge them, they never (or rarely) break, and are always available regardless of where you are or what time it is.
Maya F.
Definitely books. Love the feeling of Turing the pages and when you see that you don't have a lot of pages to read anymore.
Olena O.
For me is definitely actual. I adore the feeling if papers it's smell, and I look romantico in a way. Like these feelings. However,if I have an active life where I need to use public transport and in public places – it will be Kindle. So, it's up to you and you way if living.
Shinjini Q.
An actual book is better according to me because in that way you can get that cozy feeling which digitally won't provide you.
Charles Y.
Kindle because it's easier than physical books when I have to suddenly stop reading or get up in a hurry. I used to prefer physical books, but since having my son kindle is easier.
Keisha O.
I actually like both. I prefer to read actual books in the evenings, and I use digital books when I’m out and about. Usually while I take public transportation. I think they both got pros and cons, so I make both work for my life.
Lylah Z.
I like real books better than audio books because I love the feel of real paper beneath my fingers, my eyes moving across the page, the ability to stop on my own personal time and I don't have to pause the audio. I like to picture the setting, the characters, and what their doing, kindof like I'm reviewing what I just read.
Lyroi M.
Actual book. You can annotate and it doesn’t expired. A kindle can power off were a book can serve as a reading source forever . I personally like to see things personally and not through a screen . Many of us have taken the ability of doing everything through screens seriously and jet we forget or get bothered when our eyes hurt or when we wonder why are we always on our phones . And not going to lie I don’t like reading but I feel like when I do read , and do it through a book is easier .
Holly J.
Actual because even though Kindle books are modern and convenient, I still prefer the the smell of fresh pages and the feel of it between my fingers.
Owen A.
Actual book. Because it feels more natural. I read books to limit my screen time. Even though actual book is more expensive and inconvenient, i still prefer actual book.
Zeneida O.
ACTUAL book. Idk I just find it very satisfying the way you finish a book and shut it and put it away. You can’t do that with a kindle. Also I love going to the library and if you own a kindle there’s really no point.
Caroline W.
I love to read actual books, having the physical collection on my bookshelf makes me feel accomplished because I’ve read them all. And also the smell of the pages. Unbeatable.
Catherine C.
You can do whatever way is best and comfortable for you . Important thing is that you read which gives knowledge and peace of mind
Hazel W.
It’s all about preference. Try both and see which you like best. Maybe both? Maybe listening to a book on a long walk and starting your day with a good book when you having time to focus. Either way it can be an enjoyable past time.
Roxy B.
I would much rather read a real book. I would like it better because I would feel more connected to the book. Although a Kindle would be nice because, after all, you would never lose your page, I would get more into the book if it was a real book. I’m also very old school so I would choose a real book than a Kindle any day.
Gabi F.
I like a read book just because it feels more like I am reading it’s kinda hard to explain, I like the feeling of a paper book and turning the pages and seeing how much I have read and how much I have left.
L Onard G.
Actual book because
1) I get a slight head ache if I read kindle for too long ( due to the screen)
2) the smell of books is very relaxing and also the turning of pages
Noah S.
Actual book. I love the smell of each book and how different they are. It's also fun to look at covers and have pages to turn instead of simply touching a screen to turn pages. Besides, it's easier to find a piece of information on a physical book
Norma E.
I'm starting to tead by now, this is mt first book. I've been reading hunger games in a actual book, i feel more conected with the book, im from Brasil, sorry if a had any mistake!
Jay G.
While kindle could be cheaper and seem more ecologic, actual books are… just better. Digital books lose the contact that's created between the reader and the subject, while paper books maintain readers' history. Also, except for new books (which can be made of reused paper), using and exchanging old books is 100% more ecologic than buying digital.
Maria W.
Actual book, I like the sensation of the paper passing through my fingers, the smell of a new book and the feeling that you have when you buy a new book and getting excitedly to read them all day long
Vg N.
I like using kindle when I’m on the go, and an actual book right before bed or at home. If I’m reading an actual book before bed, it gets my mind ready for sleep, instead of waking it up to a device.
Aishath R.
I use Wattpad. Because it's easier online you know and there's no need to buy an actual book every time you want to read 😊
Violet G.
I prefer an actual book. I put a scented candle on and dive into the pages I find the warmer light against the pages doesn't interfere with my sleep as much and a phone or tablet and I rest better
Lynnley T.
I like regular books better than kindle books, because the books because I feel like I am actually reading a book and not just spending time on screens.
Lea Z.
While I really appreciate Kindle books, it doesn't go close to the love I have for actual books.
I really love reading, and I feel like having a book in my hands will make me feel like I'm in there, looking at everything. Living it.
And there's this undescribable feeling of seeing books on your shelf, you know?
Zully Z.
Actual book, because you experience from first hand what you are reading. I find it more interesting and enjoyable. My humble opinion.
Joseph N.
Both, I use Kindle when using my phone for unnecessary stuffs but I like the actual book because no disturbance and am able to focus.
Charlie Z.
I am a person who has access to both and honestly I am just happy that I have them.. I love books, and I prefer to buy my books as opposed to borrowing because I am building my personal library and obviously I need to spend money in order for that to happen. Sometimes I just want to read a book from my list that I don’t yet own and it will most likely be available on my kindle, so then I will read on there.. I love books, but I also love my kindle.
Jolanda O.
It all depends on the moment. If I'm travelling I would normally bring a kindle, as it can also have audio books aswell. But if I'm staying home I would like an actual book as it prevents me from staring at a screen.
Joe W.
It depends on the book if it’s a series that I like actual book if it’s a series that I don’t like but have to read it then Kindle
Malone O.
An actual book. I spend a lot of my day looking at a screen, whether that be a computer, TV, or my phone. An actual book gives my eyes and brain a break from technology. And a book's battery never dies!
Eiurlan P.
Definitely an actual book. I like being able to hold the book, flip the pages, put in a bookmark, and be able to hold the material that I’m reading
Aubrey N.
Actual book, because I feel less distracted and more connected with my mind knowing that I can physically turn the page of a book. I also like the idea of going to a library instead of limitless titles at your fingertips. These books were printed to be read, so we can show them the respect of using them for their purpose.
Reginald F.
Well there's nothing wrong with the kindle apart from the blue light it has (which makes hard to sleep) but apart from that it's more practical and there's nothing wrong with it. Same with the actual book.
Nour O.
Actual hard copy book. It is a personal preference for me because i dont feel like im reading if im not holding it for feeling the book physically in my hand. Words on a screen doesnt feel like reading for me.
Wallace U.
I don't support ebooks I prefer normal books because first thing , when you are reading you are trying to take your time off technology and suppose you are reading in Kindle an amazing book you can't stop . Your eyes are straining from reading from the screen . Secondly , you should have the scent of a new book . You will have a fresh feeling . I love buying books from bookstores rather than online because you should touch , select the books with your own hands , read some pages while standing up , explore other books that's just an amazing feeling. Lastly , there are tons of distractions when you are reading online , just a popup notification from Netflix and your reading is already gone. .Reading should be with a beautiful flow and you
don't need to read a boring book because you should see reading as an entertainment not a boring agenda you set for yourself……
Ezio S.
I prefer an actual book, because nothing can compare to the beautiful smell of books and the texture of the pages, also it's a great rest from all the screens
Dorle E.
Both online and paper books. I read a lot of paper books because I enjoy reading a lot and just having the actual copy makes the experience greater. I read online books when books I want to read are unavailable or because online books are more portable and convenient.
Iolita C.
sometimes i read paper books sometimes on the kindle it depends. sometimes books are gifted to me in digital format or in paper format. moreover, when I read a book in digital format that I am passionate about and I really like, then I buy it on paper
Nicky U.
Actual book, cuz reading books is one of my favorites it seems like i feel enjoy and happy, no stress just me mysel and i
Beth W.
While I still like an actual book. I currently have another Kobo, I had one a few years ago and mistakenly replaced it with a tablet when it broke. I have to say that since getting my new Kobo I'm reading again [4 books since Christmas and it's only March]. A Kobo is the easier way in Canada to borrow books from the library so we didn't get a Kindle. While do like the feel of a regular book; I'm not great at getting physical books back to the library consistently and have had many late fees over the years as a result. But I love that I can choose a book, check it out and if I change my mind or don't like the book even return it immediately to make a different selection. I can also adjust the size or style type-face of the font easily if needed to make it easier to read.
Mariam Z.
i prefer books! reading is not just about the words written, but about the experience. to me, having a physical book, feeling the pages, smelling them, being able to annotate it and have it physically there is so much better than a kindle. kindles are glorified ipads that are not advanced. i think reading is a way to get away from everything including technology. and by technology i mean not just social media but devices as a whole, and i think kindle just ruins that. i understand that it’s good for practicality as it takes up little space and u can have lots of books downloaded but books will always be my number one
Leokadia Y.
A book, because it feels like you can completely indulge yourself and be part of a new world. The Kindle is just always a reminder of all the electronic stuff like phones and computers.
Eckard J.
Actual book. I love the feeling of the paper as I turn each page and the weight of the book in my hands. The use of a bookmark allows me to see the progress I’ve made and how much I have left to read. It feels deeply satisfying.
Liz J.
I definitely prefer an actual book over an ebook for many reasons. Screens hurt my eyes after a while, I like seeing my progress through the pages, the cover art, the new book smell, turning the pages, and it makes you actually feel like you're reading a book. I just don't like digital reading, it makes it feel less like seeing the story play out in your mind, and more just staring at a screen
Wade E.
kindle, convenience mostly. it's light, I can read lying on my side and not having to life up heafty pages. also I can have any book at a few clicks. also privacy. I read mostly in public transport and it's nice to not announce my literary tastes publicly.
but I love actual books too, but bcs of limited space I tend to buy only art related books, so I can see the artwork clearly.
Ibrahem N.
Well, I'd choose kindle 'cause I can take it anywhere I go to it, but still the actual book because you have feeling of you're getting the knowledge in your mind
L Rke Z.
I usually choose to read an actual book because they look elegant on my bookshelf or coffee table, but if actual books are too expensive you can go to your local library and borrow it for free.
Rosa U.
My actual book is the 5 am club by Robin Sharma. I'm reading this book because I want to build a morning routine that helps me have more productivity, energy and better humor during the day and achieve my goals.
Assis N.
Actual book. I love the feel of a real book in my hand, especially one that I own. It feels more personal and it makes it easier for me to connect. I love to carry it around with me. I love the smell of the pages. I especially love if the book has a nice flop to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or used, as long as it is a physical book I am happy
William W.
Actual book all the way. I love the smell of books and the way the pages feel in your hand. Just holding the book brings an amount of comfort that you can't get from a cold device that's screen burns your retina. Books are therapeutic for me whereas devices, are not.
Joey E.
There is a special connection between me and a physical object rather than a few hundred lines of code. Also, nothing can replace the feeling of turning a page or the excitement of seeing the yelloying on the edges of an old book
Laura N.
definitely an actual book. I think that the feeling of turn the pages of a book makes the history you're reading more captivating and realistic 📖
Ellen E.
So many people read in kindels or phones because they think it's cool. Breaking news it's not it makes you look like your on what ever playing a game on it. But books, it makes you actually read it and if you find the right one you will never stop reading it. So I guess what I'm trying to say is books are better 😌
Jay B.
Actual book. I love the smell of books, new and old. They crisp or worn pages, reading one over and over til the characters in the pages reflect the character of the cover ♡
Dana E.
It depends on what I am reading. If I am reading for fun, such as a thriller or drama filled fiction, I prefer my kindle. I generally only read those once. If it is a self help, motivating read, I then prefer paper back so that I can highlight or take notes. I pay more attention that way.
Amani W.
they both have pros and cons. When i read using a kindle i can adjust the brightness but when reading an actual book i have to sit somewhere with good lightning which is hard to find at night. Actual books take up so much space while kindles have all your books in a single device. You can't smell the books on kindles tho and the feeling of touching the book and flipping the pages is just satisfying. Personally i like both. Kindles at night and actual books in the daytime sounds good to me.
Lily A.
Actual book firstly because Kindle is a electronic gadget and causes harm to eyes , secondly cause the fun of reading and turning the pages is nothing compared to scrolling on a mobile like device and lastly REAL BOOKS ARE JUST BETTER Actually BEST. thank you
Qu I.
I usually prefer the actual book since it makes me feel more into the book becauseI can phycially have the book in my hands instead of having to look at a screen the whole time.
Valeta O.
Kindles are great for travel and for books that are quick reads. But I am a major fan of an actual book. I love the way it feels in my hands and I love turning pages. But more than anything I love being able to flip through and see all my notes in the margins and all the words I have circled and phrases I’ve underlined.
Julie U.
I use both, but always prefer a physical book. For me I like the feel of holding an actual book, turning the pages, nothing better. I also understand the convenience of a kindle which is why I use that too but my preference is for a physical book.
Nicolly Y.
Actual book. I think reading an actual book it's more interesting, engaging and relaxing than reading a "book" on Kindle! Are completely different experiences for me (wich I personally prefer the physical book) Much more immersive.
Gustav F.
I don't know. Actual book is not only a text, it can be something like furniture, your library is everlasting(not including rotting), but i focus better, reading a kindle
Louison S.
Actual book, mostly – I love the feeling of holding a book and the pages and everything, it’s comforting for some reason. Though books do take up a lot of space, so for storage a kindle is better.
Mads B.
In short I prefer books because the bigger area. However kindles slow you to get books without going places. Also they're more portable. Books can also be great decoration and you can get almost any book you want for free at a libary
Dreams P.
Actual book! In my opinion having the hardcover feeling on my hands gives me a relaxed unbelievable feeling. I do use kindle sometimes but I'd choose an actual book over it any day!! ❤️❤️
Almendra E.
I like an actual book because I like the feeling on my hands as I pass through the pages, I love the smell of a new book, I can write notes and highlight what speaks to me, can pass it down to my kids, or lend it, swap it, sell it and get more books.
Martha N.
I prefer reading an actual book, I like the feeling of holding a book and turning the pages, makes you feel more engaged. I do read on the Kindle too sometimes though
Samistha E.
I mostly refer to actual books instead of kindle. The most important reason for this is my vision problem, frequently looking at screens makes my eyes very blurry and it will trigger my concentration. Whereas, reading a book helps me escape from the internet world and helps me focus. I also prefer reading out loud (also not that loud) which will aid in my reading skills too.
Rebekah Q.
A kindle means less use of paper and postage, whereas a kindle can be powered by green energy. Can't beat a bit of second hand paper though
Grace N.
Actual book because I just love the smell of books and you can physically feel your progress and actual books are just aesthetically pleasing
Arianna N.
I prefer an actual book to a kindle, which isn’t to say that both don’t have their pros, I just resonate more with the idea of manually flipping the pages and being able to inhale the smell of a book, it helps me concentrate more on what I am reading.
Lamin G.
Kindle. I love my Kindle Paperwhite, I've had it for like 3 years and it's one of the bses ever. It's light, portable and feels just like real paper without having to hold a heavy book all the time
Sofia Q.
I think it depends on the kind of book and on the situation. If you are reading a classic or a book that you know is going to give you more “insipiration” and you are going to want to go back to in the future then buy a real book.
Nicky G.
I choose actual book because I like to touch the surface of the book and it doesn't strain my eyes whenever I read in a while.
Virgil T.
actual book!! i just love the feel and smell of a real book and it just feels a lot more sentimental to me and i love annotating my books and having them there for me forever and showing how large my book collection is
Lonnie F.
Actual book because it allows me to be able to visually see my progress and it's nice to have something physical to look at
Marion P.
A book because you can marke where you are and highlight also I like books because it makes me feel more involved with the bokk
Ilias E.
I would prefer actual book than Kindle because it's good for our health I guess 🤷., if we are using electric devices which cause radiations will give strain to your eyes.
Louison N.
Actual book: holding a book. Keeps me off another device. It's a way to keep me in a book longer. Turning the pages and smelling a book in my hands is more relaxing and enjoyable. It's easier to visualize in my mind when holding a book. If your a book anotator then an actual book is so much better.
Cassiey F.
Actual books, I don’t like the way other people read. I need my own voice in it. I can’t take the words of the page and make an image out of it if it’s on an electronic.
Alison P.
Both are very good, however I tend to read kindle more as the app is on my phone at it makes it so much easier and accessible it read when out and about . On the other hand reading a physical book is also good as it is less stain on the eyes at can increase endorphins once completing the book.
Luis O.
I'm more of a physical book than a digital book reader. I spend a lot of time on my phone and even tho digital books sound nice, I'd mostly use it as background noise and not hear the story at all. I like to take my time with reading and holding a physical book than having to have my hands free. I have a hard time sitting still if I don't have an object in hand.