When do you like to read?

Kaiya N.
Whenever I can, usually at night when I’m in bed and can’t get to sleep, but sometimes I read while I eat (e.g. lunch or breakfast) or when I’m bored.
Isilda P.
I like to read every day. I feel like reading it's the most interesting "brain sport". I always can make scenes in my head, imagine the characters and live with them. Every time when I have some free time, reading is always on my "to do list"!!
Victoria Q.
I prefer to read a bit in the afternoon. I don't have much free time at the moment as I am a student so I spend most of my time studying. But i like to take a 45 min break to read. That way I remind my self to focus on things that i like as well.
Maurice R.
I like to read at night when everyone is in bed because it means the only thing that’s there is that book and I.
No distractions
No Screens
No siblings
Just me and that book. That’s the time where I enjoy books the most. Though I also like reading books in the car, in class and at the library. So just places that are quiet and comfortable.