Do you like reading as a routine (e. g. every evening) for a shorter amount of time (like 30min) or when you feel like it and for longer period of time (a few hours)? Why?

Diane A.
I like to read every night as a routine, as it distracts me from my thoughts and brings my mind to a more abstract space that is more conducive to sleep. The time I spend reading varies, however. Sometimes I fall asleep right away, sometimes I read for longer if I get interested.
Brittany Z.
I am liking the 30 minute stint but I think on a day like today I would read for another 30 minute stint. I like to practice reading out loud to stay fluent, ensure I am reading to the punctuation and with the intended expression for the text.
Tracy O.
I live to read so whenever is okay but I enjoy the book better when I set a specific time. Like 39 minutes in the afternoon and 30 to 45 minutes in the evening. Any time is great if you love to read. I am reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin. Such an awesome book that I am reading it for the third time.
Jimi Q.
I like both. Reading when I want to is important, because I want to nead books that I enjoy and actually *want* to read. I also like reading before I go to sleep. I haven't read for a shorter time as part of my morning routine, but I plan to. Probably self help then.
Constance S.
I like both but I have reading as a routine and I try to find at least 30 min a day to read cause it’s my passion and time for me.
Norma P.
I like reading for about an hour and a half every day because it gives me time to really get into the story. It also gives me a mental break from the outside world.
Suzan M.
I prefer reading without watching the time goes by or checking if it’s an hour or so. I don’t read at exact times everyday but I do read everyday. And depending on the book, it can be long hours or it can be just an hour. Depending on how much I’m interested, I read it continuously or periodically day by day. Because reading is my kind of fun and interesting and I don’t wanna settle it to be a boring routine like brushing my teeth in the morning.
Daniel J.
I like to read for 10-15 minutes after a deep work session or some other task that’s hard or requires lots of focus. For me reading is a nice way to relax between intense work bouts. I tend to read personal and professional development books and news during the day, and fiction before bed.
Rayan Y.
Regularity brings more stability to my life and I find it relaxing when I exercise and listen to my book that engages my mind while I do mundane tasks.
Asta W.
When I feel like it. Sometimes when you're not feeling it, you won't be enjoying the book or take in what's inside the book. Just now I've finished a book I put off months ago and it feels good to finish them up. Sometimes you are just not in the mood to read that book, or busy, or so on. But putting a routine is a good starter to build a habit
Jeremiah P.
I prefer reading as a routine. I have to read more than one book/document/text at a time and this habit helps me stay on schedule.
Marion W.
Well both depending on how much time I have on my hand. While 30 min everyday is for habit building when I enjoy reading I could go longer for the pleasure of reading.