What are some interesting books to read?

Jessica N.
Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza
– if you’re into law of attraction and quantum physics and you’re kind of a nerd and you don’t want your negative emotions or past to control you, this is the book for you. Mind. Blown.
Dusan F.
I enjoy reading fantasy books such as the series about the evil villains in Disney films. They are so good I think they should be made into films
Jasmin X.
It is on you what you choose. I love all kinds of books. I think books about ww2 are really important to read it opens your eyes. Mengele's assistant Is a really good one I recommend. I also recommend pet cemetery by Stephen King. Gay book I recommend is call me by your name or find me by Andre Aciman. I also recommend someone like me by M.R. Carey.
I hope I helped .