What do you like to read and how often do you recommend

Liva F.
I have reading in my morning habit and give 30 minutes to it. I set a timer and carry on until it finishes.

In the morning I read The Economist magazine or a book. I like to read non fiction – mainly science and politics.

I am considering a career in Law and am also reading a book on law that I do in the afternoon/evening.

Lauren W.
I like to read Harry Potter! And I recommend reading it once a day. But the chapters are long so, it can be a bit time consuming.
Angel Z.
I never recommend but I read a lot of horror books. Fantasy Percy Jackson is one of my favourite stories. Realistic kinda books. The one where it hits deep and you want to cry for a while before picking up the book again. Psychology books. They help me understand human body language and why we do the things we do. It helps with my future job. I like the books that have deep meaning. Where you truly go through the pain and suffering and joy with the main character. I like books about crimes. So murders, serial killers and other stuff. A bit like Sherlock Holmes but with many twists and leading you in different directions. So a bit like when you think someone murdered a person but it was actually someone else and when they explain it you can clearly see why. Yeah I like a lot of different genres of books.
Magnus Z.
4-Hour-Work-Week by Tim Ferris. He discussed many time management concepts & introduced ideas that can help you tremendously with your professional and personal life.
Falk S.
I love thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, some graphic novels, autobiographies and sometimes I just grab some book I see. I'd recommend reading every day for atleast 20 minutes.
Deborah Z.
Like to read books that catch my attention in the first couple of pages. I love hard back books and I love my kindle. I believe the best time to read is on your lunch break or before bed.