What genres do you like to read the most?

Toledo F.
I personally prefer Christian books. I like non-fiction. If I’m reading a non-Christian book I would probably say a thriller
Anna Q.
I like historical nonfiction the most, as well as the classics. Russian lit is my fave. It is hard to come across a good modern novel.
Tara J.
Well, I love to read teen drama or romance… but it also depends on the quality of the book. I am open to many genres but the two I have mentioned are my favourites.
Michael F.
Mostly I like to read sci-fiction. Especially the books written by Ursula Le Guin. Do you know her? She has a very interesting and different style. I would say a feminist sci-Fi writer.
Beside those, I mostly read non-fiction books. At the moment I am diving into ‘How emotions are made’. A psychological book which explains in simple way the new discoveries in the field of emotions. Very interesting! Give a try 🙂
Miguel Z.
I enjoy the bible but also have enjoyed teen books back when i used to read, i would really liketo find something I enjoy again
Juliane F.
I enjoy many genres of literature. My favorites are literary fiction and classics. I also like thrillers (especially spy) and mystery. Others I enjoy are religious literature and self-help. Historical fiction can be really good sometimes and I even read YA at times.
Ver Nica P.
I like reading about how other people deal with life, everyday tasks. It is inspirational to see others perspective in life. I can find this in biographies and factual books, but also in fiction. Here you get to live another's thoughts on a give situation.
Geanny P.
My favorite ones at the moment are personal finances because I want to be financially free at some point soon in my life :)♥️
Brittany F.
I like mysteries, ones you just have to know what will happen next. Exciting and fun. Also books with history or something to learn, but aren't dry. I'm not into romance, they are so unrealistic to me and just too sappy.
Alexis A.
I can't live with out books. Mothly audiobooks. 4 books a month is nothing. Every genre has his one interesting side… From Bill Bryson to Stephen King or Hilary Mantel or Michael Marrak. I love books.
Ashley X.
All of them – a well written book in any genre is always good. I'll always have a soft spot for fantasy and sci-fi, but I think children's literature is a genre that we should appreciate more – it's much harder to get published in and books generally have to be unique and of a very high quality
Troy N.
I really enjoy romance. There’s a part of me that’s a hopeless romantic and loves to read all the sappy love stories within reach. I also really enjoy non fiction and motivational books. I highly recommend Every Tool Is a Hammer by Adam Savage (he’s my hero).
M T.
I have always liked more of the romance, crime, and mystery mixes of books or just that type of book. I find that I get lost and them and listen or read them nonstop for days. At this very moment I am listening to book called Caraval.
Hanno E.
Right now I'm reading alot of self help books.
Reinventing your life by young and kiosk
Subtle art of not giving a f**( and everything is f*** by Manson
Think like a monk by shetty
Nada E.
I like reading self developing books. I also like reading novels, especailly crime and mystery novels.
I also read about children education and mindfulness.
Nicole Q.
Fantasy and Sci-fi are my favorites! They usually create such amazing new worlds for you to explore and lose yourself in.
Artur Z.
I'm not much of a reader, plus I'm a very slow one. Since I need to read constantly on daily basis for my work, I have little focus to hear after. I prefer listening audio or watch videos since I can focus on the content rather than spending energy in reading. So, I focus on programming, news, Technology, nutrition, health and comedy.
Kader T.
I don't have a circular taste of the books.
It changed during my own way of reading
I just like to read. Learn with reading, discover new experiences with reading. These keep my head into the books.
Ninon Q.
Recently, I've been reading a lot of mystery books. I prefer fantasy novels normaly, but I enjoy challenging myself to solve the mystery as I read. I like fantasies because of the escape they offer. I also like horror, because I find them funny. Yeah, I know that's weird.
Isadora I.
It really depends on what mood you are. Currently my favourite are, drama and sentimental. Though I fancy myself some Wilde now and then to keep my spirits up!
Marlene N.
I like to read teen fiction, sometimes mystery, sometimes fantasy! I like to mix it up a lot, with mainly not reading the same genre of book twice in a row! But I like to try almost any book!
Jerome T.
I read quite a lot of nonfiction (writing, psychology, history, true crime, etc.), in an effort to be well read for my classes (particularly AP). When I'm reading fiction, I'm usually reading historical fiction and classic Canon.
Kelly M.
I usually like romance with dystopian or action or anything really. But my main genre is romance . I also read a lot of fantasy books because they’re nice to read once in a while