The best time for reading

Heidi U.
Well, i like to read during the night time before i go to sleep since there are less distractions, or outside in the evening since its peaceful. Do it at a time when you feel relaxed and you dont have any distractions.
Emilie X.
I like to read before going to bed because it gives me time to unwind and relax. However, most days I loose track of time and end up not having time to read. So I would recommend you read whenever you have a bit of time, or whenever you feel like it. But reading a bit before sleeping is very helpful, even if it's just 15 minutes.
Little A.
The best time for reading is right before bed. Wrap yourself in a cozy balnkie and pick up a fantasy fiction and step into your world.
Eileen A.
In my opinion, reading at night is best time because it will be the last step toward self improvement of the day and hence, you will sleep very confidently and relaxed. Thank you.
Tejuosho I.
It depends on how you do understand yourself. Midnight is always a good time if you find a quiet and bright space to read. No disturbance or so for you.
If during the day,then I think 10-2pm and 4-8pm.