How to love reading and not feeling boring while readying how to focus ?

Liam E.
I would recommend finding a character that you can empathise with; this way it will be a retelling from someone you hold dear, you will feel their triumphs and losses, their anger, their despair. Learn to root for them despite their flaws, recognise their unique place in the world… Just like yours. Perhaps this is your story. How would you like the world to perceive it? If you prefer dissecting this work of art, maybe you could learn to appreciate the level of detail in the author’s writing. Pick a word that you don’t recognise, look it up. Game-fy your experience. Once you recognise that every word, period and exclamation point is a trail of crumbs leading you to the giant cookie in the finale, it won’t seem like such a chore. If all else fails, there’s no dearth of remarkable stories being told through graphic novels which are perhaps more engaging in some ways, so pick one up.
Constance Q.
It’s important to pick books that pertain to topics that most interest you! I love self help books, memoirs, and medical books! Other books typically bore me and take too long to get through so I avoid them. Also, don’t wait until you’re too tired to read. Maybe incorporate it with working out on a stationary bike or sitting outside on a park bench. Maybe read during breakfast after a good nights rest. If you wait until you’re too tired, it’ll drone on and you’ll fall asleep.
Lily E.
Why feel bored?
When you're reading a book, you're downloading decades of information from people who are great in their field directly into your brain. How big of an advantage that is!!
When you're bored, ask yourself ”Why am I reading this book?”. That way you will find an answer and purpose on what you're doing.😊