Can you recommend any inspirational bed time reading?

Felix Z.
The most inspirational book I have read is A Fortunate Life by AB Facey. It's basically about the life of an average Australian man who despite going to war, through loss and hardships he still thought he was fortunate and the world was a good place. We can all learn from this example. It's also an entertaining read.
Mylan Z.
Hello there! For inspirational bed time reading, I would recommend having books that will motivate you to become a better you. Books that are considered self development, or buissness books are good to read before bed. They will leave you motivation and excited for the next day.
Dakota J.
Well, recently, I have been reading 'the seven habits of highly effective people'. I haven't gotten very far yet but it has definitely been helpful in my journey thus far! I definitely reccomend reading it.