Does reading before bed give you a higher quality os sleep?

Deann T.
Actually, it depends on what kind of book you read… For instance, horror books are not really good option. So, lately I am reading a novel named "A Little Life" by Hanya Yangihara and it really helps me to sleep quickly.
Ingetraut E.
Yes, definitively! I can relax and think about other things. Disconnect from the daily rush and connect with my imagination and calm thoughts
Niamh N.
I don’t know about it giving you a higher quality of sleep, but it helps me fall asleep faster. I am a person who can sometimes struggle with insomnia and reading before bed makes me eyes tired and my body tored
Evelynn R.
Well if it's like a really good book sometimes I get too sucked into it. So I try to get books that have either high vocab or are a bit dry. Even something educational. It always puts me to sleep. But reading 95% puts me to sleep. Also satin bed sheets rule.