What do you like to read?

Laly S.
I like a variety of books from vegan cooking to travelogues to cozy mysteries. During quarantine, I've mainly been drawn to mysteries with a supernatural or culinary bent. They allow for escapism without having to think deeply or invest too much into characters or plots. I do tend to find a series and read through the entire series and then move on. I'm biblio monogamous.
Dwight N.
I like to read a mixture of things, tonight I read a couple of long read news stories in The Economist and the U.K. Guardian. I love reading fiction most recent read a book by David Nichols about a middle aged man coming to terms with the end of his marriage and struggling with the relationship with his teenage son. I’ve also recently finished the testaments , follow up to the handmaids tale. I’m currently reading Normal People by Sally Rooney which is such and emotional book I’m reading it before watching the tv show. I also like non fiction but usually read in smaller doses and need it to be easy to digest so Frekanomics rather than a brief history of time!! Although I thought salinas was a good read.