What book are you reading now?

Fallon B.
Probably not great for bedtime but I'm reading 'the bone collector' as part of the Reading Rush booktube reading Challenge.
Erynn U.
I just finished reading before the fall by Noah Hawley. It came highly recommended. I was engaged throughout, but disappointed with the ending. Nevertheless a good read for leisure. Now I’m reading pride and prejudice by Jane Austen. If you can understand the language it’s an outstanding read… makes you wonder how romance has gone from something out of Jane Austen’s novels to where we are now.. where relationships are exchanged like dirty laundry.
Lola E.
I am currently reading "the village by the sea" by Anita Desai. I also want to mention, that I was not a very good reader before. But after starting with fabulous, I have started to read more books as well. Thank you so much fabulous !! 😁😁
Domitille N.
Reading :
– The master and Margarita from Bulgakov
– Sustainable innovations in Textile Chemistry and Dyes from Muthu.
And Little women!
Aya Z.
I am reading two books at the same time. One in the bus to and from work, which is "Joudet". And the other before sleeping, it is called "Explicit"
Herbert T.
"Into the gray zone", a book by a neurologist who studies evidence of consciousness in comatose and vegetative patients. It's very good!
Logan O.
I’ve been reading Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone! And Wild Rescuers: Guardians Of The Taiga, and Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth