Do you read every day?

Joana U.
Yes, I do read everyday. I try to read for 30 minutes, but sometimes when I’m extremely tired I read for at least 5’.
It’s better to read the minimum you can everyday, instead of reading once in a while for really long time.
Mitali Q.
I have begun to read everyday, though baby steps now. I am sure to keep this going and make this a lifelong habit. The fear though within me creeps in at times. The fear if the unknown.
Ashveedha W.
YESSSS. Books are my life. I've to read and like to play out the story as a movie in my head. Imagine the characters and the whole world in my tiny head. Reading can be fun and it is more of an adventure to me.
Ashveedha W.
Yes of course. I'm a huge book worm and I love to read. If u don't particularly like to read my tips are either you haven't found the right book, or haven't found the reading method. My method of reading is imagining the story inside my head like a movie. Its really fun.