What do you do to be able to have more time to read.

Валерия Шульц N.
The main secret is that I don’t work. It’s bad, but I see good sides of it. I can spend more time for learning myself.
I thinks it’s not good to do job I don’t like. And how can I understand what I really like if I don’t know myself? That’s why I read and meditate a lot. This is my way to learn my life.
Jord O N.
depending on your life idk if u can make more time to read, i know i can't. but instead i look at reading as my break, so if i do have down time before bed or even a chore im supposed to do sometimes I'll skip just to be sure to at least give myself 30 mins. i'm not always able to find the time, but i put my best effort into making the time. scheduling it in the same way you would a necessity. 🙂
Virgulino Y.
I cheat and use audible !! I have many books that I bought and still have not read because life is busy ! I use NET (no extra time) to listen to my books .. in the shower, driving with it hooked up to my bluetooth, cooking,cleaning etc!!!
Sarah B.
I usually read before I go to sleep. When I get up in the morning I will read a few pages if I'm ready early. I basically take my book everywhere so when i have time I'll read a page or two or a chapter
Vooha F.
I challenged myself to read atleast one chapter a day. And I chose a book that’s a little funny. I sit in the backyard during evening after work and start reading. Or sometimes take a break from work and start reading.
Jill Z.
Sorry, my problem is that I spend too much time reading. It is my weakness. Will want to read instead of walking. Am thinking about making it a reward, but that is a tough transition for me.
Elizabeth U.
Personally, before bed is the best time to read and also writing things down helps me to know what I am to be doing. I would begin by writing down on a post-it note (or even a white board) "read a chapter or two of Twilight tonight at 8:30." Later, I would see the note and remember to be done with my day and ready for bed at 8:30. You can either write it daily or have a permanent post-it note placed somewhere you will see it every day.