Do you read the same kinds of things, same subjects, same format like a book or do you read a vast array of things, different subjects, different formats etc?

Robinique Y.
I read different type of books with a similar theme. I read mostly spiritually themed books or self help books written with spirituality as an underlying theme.
Jan R.
I read either ebooks or paper books. And usually they are always the same type of books, books that teach something. But it could be about management, about self development, self help, great biographies of people I admire and look up to.. i dont really do fiction:)
Nils N.
I personally read a lot, and a lot of different things, that talk about different themes and from tons of platforms in all the formats. I love reading. So I read books of all genres, fanfictions, novels, I read articles, blogs and whatever I can find about the arguments I'm interested in and the themes I care about.
Sara Z.
I'm always raeding diffrent topics and subjects, exculding those which are writen about politics. And I prefer those which are about Psychologic and Law of attraction.