What is the book to change my be havior?

Ellen S.
One book you can read to change your behavior is the power of habit: Why we do What we do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.
Thea X.
The books of the New Testament of the Bible have changed my attitudes and tweaked or upended my values and I keep reading any of the books periodically because they hit differently every time I read them.

If someone isn’t affected in constructive or life-altering ways by the selfless love and real talk of Jesus and His true followers then I’d suggest they are hard-hearted

Tristan C.
Reading is very good for the brain. Reading improves focus, memory, empathy, and social skills. It can also improve mental health and helps people live longer. Reading can also allow people to learn new things, like learning new words and the meaning of them.
Claudia P.
As you read books daily you’ll eventually start to feel calmer, more educated and less stressed or anxious. Books give you the ability to disconnect f from the outside world. Even 10 minutes makes a difference.
Frederikke Z.
If you mean a book to get you in the habit of reading then look for a book that will help you escape the real world and something that you look forward to reading each night. You can try different genres or series and it is so much fun to try different things. If you are look for a specific book then I can’t help you there sorry 😉
Lydia X.
The book that made me change my behaviour was "The Diary of Anna Frank". It made realise how grateful I should be even for the little things in my life.
Melissa F.
Happy by Ferne cotton. Helps to realise what you have and can identify with … her words and passages have stuck with me for years since I read it ages ago. My main takeaway is to appreciate my body and what it’s done ☑️, like achieving children no matter what it looked or looks like 👍 but it’s the way she wrote it that sticks with me…
Pamela T.
Percy Jackson made me realize how amazing I was, how I could be loved even tho some ppl didn't like me. It made me focus on myself and self worth, so I am really thankfull to this series.
Tammy E.
Well, it all depends on you. Who you are and what your preferences are. Sometimes our behavior is a subconscious reminder that we're human and we are all different. Why'd you wish to change that(unless it leaves a negative impact on your life). I suggest looking up books that are best suited for you as only you would know your preferences
Emma S.
I have read a lot of books in classifications such as self-help, psychology, metaphysics, health, and spirituality.

They have all influenced me but their effects have been such a mixture I would be challenged to say which caused me to alter a behaviour or adopt a new one.

It’s not my disposition to be a purist follower of trends or people. I like adapting ideas as I do my own thing.

Marjan F.
Change in behaviour can be of many types,but for positivity you can go for the secret,mindset,the power of subconsciousness.
An Sia A.
Atomic habits is the book I'm currently reading. This book is changing my behavior slowly. It helps to built a good habit. "Slow and steady wins the race".
Ewa Y.
Right now I can recommend The Light in the Heart Inspirational Thoughts for Living Your Best Life by Roy Bennett. Also memoirs and biographies can inspire a person to make some changes and evolve.
Gregory O.
I have read lots (and lots and lots and lots!!😂) of books over the years, and a few have really touched my heart. But I think there are a few that really changed the way I look at life. A lot of books really make me feel gratitude for all I have. Especially historical fiction, because it makes me realize that my life could have been a lot worse and I should be grateful for how lucky I am, and that gave me a more positive outlook on life. It helped me realize to enjoy the life I have, and not envy others. So I don't know what book you should read to change your behavior, because I don't know you or know what you think you should change about your behavior, but I know reading historical Fiction (or non-fiction) books really changed my outlook on life.
Life V.
Developing a better you to try and push yourself past your limits and work hard every day because it is all about self improvement so it is a wonderful feeling of seeing results so it is all about mindset and overcoming adversity
Ily S E.
I downloaded the JW App and there are a lot of life-changing articles and books you can read to help you through your daily struggles
Victor U.
The book to change my behavior is Sources Say by Lori Goldstein. It isn't the most interesting book but it was very cheap and it is definitely better than not reading at all.
Kersten Z.
That depends on what type of behavior you are referring to. There are several books out there that can help with all sorts of behavior changes.
Justina F.
Your personal diary if you write any is the best mirror for reflection of your past and present . Taking a glance at those silly things and second had embarrassment, lots of fun and drops of tears will make you realize your improvements and flaws if you gradually change your perspective of reading it in first person to third person!!!
D V.
“Atomic Habits” by James Clear. It’s a very popular book for a reason! It gives clear and simple explanations and steps on how to take action in your life and how to build good habits and break bad ones. Remember though, you can read 1,000 books on how to improve yourself—but, it will mean very little unless you actually take action on it! Sometimes the best way to incite change is just by going for it.
Sofia U.
I think wash your face girl is the best book that I’ve ever read, it’s completely speaks about your behavior and your habits and you can learn that how can you better
Anika N.
There are no books that xan change your behavior, but certain books can make us feel grateful and kind in life. Also you gotta pick the book you like and not limit yoir imagination
Anime R.
A great book to change your behaviour is Atomic habits. Atomic habits talks about changing your habits by 1% at a time and how making tiny change will have huge affects over time. I found it really motivational and empowering and, as a person with ADHD, breaking things down into small steps helps me do stuff because it makes it seem more manageable so it really helped me actually start taking action with my life.
Mackenzie W.
Wonder, because it taught me to not make fun of people or talk about people behind their back, because they could know and to not be fake!
Xarina N.
There is a book called “surrounded by idiots” but I forgot the author’s name. There are four people in different colors on the cover page and the book basically explains the different types of behaviors that humans have and how to cope with it
Franca O.
One that I'm recently reading, stand up for yourself,set boundaries and stop pleasing others
Also, anything which is like an interactive journal
Evan Z.
I would said books speakings of consictency or the things you try to achieve. Or theme you like, for feeling good Taking Time for you
Emma A.
Any religious or philosophical book any that encourages you to examine your life and way of thinking can help a lot. Teagasca, The Havamal, and even The bible all come to mind for me.
Elias O.
My behaviour comes from my core values so the books that shape my core values and the virtues I want my life to characterise are the ones that affect my behaviour. Some of the books in the Bible are important, the Book of James in the second testament of the Christian Bible discussed how we relate to one another. Job in the first testament speaks of Gods enduring goodness amidst adversity which inspired hope and gratitude and endurance. The Psalms have helped me to embrace and express my big feelings without becoming afraid of them. The stories of Jesus in Luke's gospel demonstrates inclusion. The books of my childhood have had the most powerful effect on me. Moomins as a celebration of introversion journeying with the character of snuffkin. The Harry Potter books that demonstrate sacraficial love as holding back the power of evil and darkness. The poems of e.e. Cummings that ignore convention Grammer and syntax and basic sentence construction and still convey the raw centre of feeling. Robert E Heinlein's Have Spacesuite will travel- which looks at social responsibility, the power dynamics of big scale politics and empathetic judgement. When Earth's representative plead for justice-the agressor is judged harshley and then the earth is threatened with the same potential consequence because we too are agressors in our own sphere. Encourages us to consider our own weakness and the consequences when we move to judge the failings of others.
Edith C.
Personally, i will suggest you to read a book named '10 rules to success' by Mridula Agarwal… because it's really a good book and it helps you to realize your goals
Zenta Z.
Atomic Habits is the definitive guide to breaking bad behaviors and adopting good ones in four steps, showing you how small, incremental, everyday routines compound into massive, positive change over time.
Taryn N.
I’m a therapist, and I have found personally and professionally that books such as the happiness trap and unf*** your brain are helpful in identifying and changing maladaptive behaviors.
Joanne P.
It can be anybook, you can read the power of habit or etc. Or you can start with the book that you're interesting or curious about. Or you can ask with the professional 🙂