How can I make reading more interesting?

Wild U.
Read a book for pleasure as well as for information; choose something that you love and find fascinating to read. Something that you don't want to put down at night. I find that children's fiction is especially good for this; stuff designed for preteens (9-12 year olds) make up most of the interesting books on any bookshelves! Clichè as it might be, don't judge a book by it's cover- dip in part way through to see if it interests you.(Books published by chicken house often give page suggestions for trying it out on the back.) . Try not to be part way through/reading more than two books at any one time, or you will likely struggle to keep up with all the information. And finally, Your book is your escape, your free (if it's from a library) passport to anywhere and everywhere, places that don't exist or that you cannot visit; it is your shield against unwanted conversations. It is a portable story. It is a statement about who you are, and, most importantly, a good book can become a friend.
Victor F.
Choose subjects that interested you. Look to book recommendations on each subject. Have a daily/weekly/monthly goal (eg: to read 1 book per month or 9 pages each day). Have a Kindle if you don't like physical copies.
Aleid O.
Pick a book you like, that speaks to you. Do not make it overcomplicated or trying to impress someone elae. Just read for yourself, a thriller, a drama, an adventure….
Charlie O.
I have found audio books a great way to ease back into the reading habit. You can listen to them while doing house chores or otherwise boring tasks.
Peta X.
Some people find listening to audiobooks better than reading physical books because it allows their hands to do something else at the same time – cleaning, cooking, or art. Alternatively you could look into downloading books on your phone because it's more convenient and therefore more likely to be used. In terms of interest, don't pay attention to what's popular or expected and instead read things you think you'll enjoy. There's nothing wrong with teen romance novels if you like werewolves and love triangles!
Coline Y.
Staying curious works well for this purpose, namely shifting an expert mindset to an adventurous mindset that is ready to absorb this new information and take this exciting journey, from critical and analytic self to fluid and flexible self willing to give up own control and trusting the way.
Nikki F.
I look up best sellers for previous years. I try to be open to all sorts of genres. If you like tv, go for books that have spun tv shows
Anthony N.
U know my friend I think u couldn't find your book yet
Cause Once I have also faced this problem, reading was so boring activity for me but than I realized that I haven't found my favorite book yet. That's why My suggestion is u need to find ur book which can attract u
Remember: Everyone is reader but some if them couldn't find their own type of book yet!
Ma Lyne Z.
Don’t worry about reading something “good” or important. Nobody cares if you read Nietzsche and Times political articles. It’s better to sit down for an hour and enjoy a cheesy romance or goofy fantasy novel than to slog through something you hate.
H Lo Se C.
First of all you need to find the genre that suits you. And of course it is better to do a routine out of it. So make time for yourself at least half and hour every day at the same time. Make yourself a cup of tea/coffee, whatever you like. Find a cozy place and just do it. Just read. No one pressures you to read 100 books a year. Find your reading speed and just enjoy the time you spend with yourself.
Sophia E.
maybe have a cool, calm environment while you read it just read books you really enjoy. a great first step is to listen to audio books