How much did you read before making it one of your habits? Has it changed much since?

Samantha S.
I've always been an avid reader, but I used to read in bursts, when the moment struck me or when someone recommended a book to me rather than at a steady, continuous pace.

I love reading, but sometimes I forego it in favor of doing something easier, like playing on my phone or watching tv. Making it a habit, is a gentle nudge to myself to spend my downtime doing something that I consider more productive and more enjoyable in the long run than just vegging out.

Lauren U.
It hasn’t changed a lot but I am finding myself slowly more committed, I used to read a lot but lost interest and now I’m getting that interest back again!
Jan R.
I've always been an avid reader 😊 but let me tell you the secret. You have to find what interests you. Maybe it is fiction, maybe biographies of super interesting people you look up to or feel you identify with. Maybe you like self help books, or personal development books. Maybe you like science books.. you need to find your type of book, and when you do, you will love to read it. If you read something boring, the habit won't stick. So, find the one 😉
Rla A.
I always had great intentions, but without having it in the routine with a time attached, it was much easier to just put it off, and I rarely read anything! Definitely reading a lot more now!
Emma U.
I used to read before I went to bed but it was entirely dependent on when I went to bed. If I was watching something interesting or I wasn't tired, I would stay up later and then miss out on reading. Now I try to go to bed around the same time so I can get my reading in before bed.
Freddy Z.
I used to read few books , but now I am loving it.. I finished two books in a week. A regular rhythm actually helps a lot
Ema Z.
Becouse I installed the app a few days ago and it's summer holidays right now and I generally tend to read more in the holidays, I can't really compare its affects to my day to day life. But I would say that making it a habit has made me feel more excited about reading and finishing the goal, than if I would simply pick up a book myself. Another thing I recognise is that I have different reading tempos according to my mood. I never really realized that before, because I don't look at the time when I read, so I would sometimes say to myself "Ok, it's the evening and I'm tired, let's read just 3 chapters.", but now that I have a set time of 30min I can really compare how fast I read : am I energised but still calm enough to concentrate I will read fast, or is there a lot of stuff going on in my head so I need to pause and think, I will read slow then.
Alice P.
I think I read more now, or rather I read little and often – a bit each day. I still read before I made it a habit but in big chunks of time any time of day and then some days not at all. I think this approach is better to read little and often.
Marilyn Z.
I can say that, yes there a big difference. Before I had only read 1 page of the book and it's about 10 minutes. And now I read a lot and it took 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Anastassiya X.
I was dreaming to come back to reading. Now I follow some YouTube channel where they recommend some books to read. So I do not spend my energy on choosing books. 🙂
Jason O.
First I read for school assignments and then I noticed I loved reading to I read more and more and I decided to make it one of my habits because I enjoy it. 🙂
Paul C.
I used to read quite a bit before making it a habit but I tended to go through phases when I read a lot and others when I didn't. I also tendend to have several books on the go at the same time. What I've enjoyed about reading as a habit is that I'm sticking with one book and reading a chapter every night. It now feels like a moment to look forward to.
Courtney Z.
I used to be a big reader. Especially in elementary and junior high, and a little bit in the beginning of high school. However, when junior year rolled around, there just seemed to be so many different things I had to be doing, that I had to put reading on the back burner. Now a sophomore in college, I would love to begin reading more. I do believe that making reading a habit, my willingness to read will improve and I will enjoy it again. 🙂
Callum Y.
I have always read a lot and it is quite a strong habit already. I have noticed, however, that since lockdown, the lack of travel has had a negative impact on the amount I read. I wanted to make it a Fabulous habit so that I would put down my work at lunchtime or the end of the day in order to read and make the most of my free time!
Claire J.
I never used to read before it became a habit of mine recently. I just visited a bookstore or library and got tons of books on topics I was interested in learning more about and now I have a whole stack that needs reading before I get some new ones. I just remind myself to look forward to the quieting of the mind or the excitement of what the book has in store that keeps me motivated to read. Also creating an ideal reading environment for you is important while opening up to a book. I usually put on some lo-fi music or nature sounds to read too.
Shreya G.
I wasn't reading a book everyday, actually I wasn't able to make time for it. I took many days to complete even a small 25 chapter book. As I am a school going teenager I had a lot to study and didn't took time to read a book. But when I started to make reading a habit, it was really effective. I can read the book everyday.😊 It was actually a really good decision to make reading a habit.😊😊
Chastity N.
I never read in the morning, but now I read almost every day. I'm also getting up instead of staying in bed. It feels great!!
Carola Z.
Yes, it has changed a lot! Before I read like 20 pages a day, but now I read like 40! That’s insane!
Thank you for the question!
Love Mirka
Eli Ka E.
I think I was always a big reader. Though I don't have as mich time for reading as I wish. I was studying very hard for an exam for the past month and didn't have time to read at all. So I am very happy to have a bit more time now and being able to commit to my goal of reading at least for those 30 minutes before I go to sleep.
Andrew F.
I didn’t read regularly but since I started reading I can’t stop because the story gets more exciting, each time I approach the end.
Jen F.
I have always loved to read, but as a parent I don't have a ton of time to denote to reading anymore. I still like to make time in order to read the things I find interesting.
Katie U.
I used to absolutely love reading. I got out of the habit due to school and life, and lately I've been saying I don't have the time to enjoy reading anymore, which is a complete lie. So now it's one of my habits, and I've been reading almost every night since. It's also a good way for me to relax before bed without any screens on.
Peter F.
well in my opinion it honestly depended on how busy i was that day. if i was bored to death of course i would read, but if i had something to do it wasn’t a priority:).
Angela F.
I have listened to audiobooks every night before falling asleep or on my comute. Now i'm trying to take the leap into reading every night before bed. The ritual has not stuck with me yet, but it will in a few weeks. It usually takes me approximatley 3-4 weeks to form a habit that stays with me. Keep figting, don't be too hard on yourself, and know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.
Elio Q.
I used to read a lot. But screen time, such as phone and tablet games have taken up the th time I used to spend reading. So I'm working to re prioritize. Better not to fo screen stuff right before sleep.
Jan R.
I've always been a reader 🙂 so for me it was easy. I always read before going to sleep. You dont have to read much, just a few pages will do and without noticing you will be reading a book a month !
Peta Anne Y.
I hardly ever read at all because I wasn't interested but now I'm doing this and trying to better my life and . motivated it's made all the difference
Sabrina E.
I read daily now, it’s part of my dinner making routine since it’s on Audible. Before the habit creation, it was sporadic
L Il N.
I usually find it hard to read for pleasure due to time. The books I have read the past year were all educational material or something required. I started a novel but have not picked it up for some weeks before this app. Now instead of playing with my phone; I read before bed!