Do you belong to a book club and, if so, how do you choose your books?

Alice U.
I choose my books by seeing what’s it’s about by reading the blurb at the back, seeing whether it’s interesting or not. I also decide by how long the text is in each page. (E.g. If the text is too long or small for me, I’ll choose another book)
Drea Z.
Not at the moment, I love to read though and often find fabulous books through the people I follow on Instagram or by searching online for the various genres I enjoy
Khushi C.
If you want to choose a great book to read imagine or remember your favourite writers like my is Jeff Kinney, ruskin bond, rk narayan, grinomo stilton and more… so I keep in my mind there names and when I go to book store I choose my favourite writers great books and then I read and you can read new books too like I am reading " diary of wimpy kid" story so it's a new book I didn't listen name of him so you should read new books too
Hope you like my advice. Thanks…