Do you prefer to read a book in the morning or evening?

Jan R.
It depends. If its sunny I like reading in my terrace under the sun. So in that case I would read in the morning. If it's not sunny then I read before going to sleep
Logan W.
I like to read books whenever I get in the mood, although I like to read books in silence so mostly I read a book in the evening or late night.
Ms O.
It depends on what type of book I am reading. I study/read texts/nonfiction in the mornings when my brain is fresh. If it is fiction, I enjoy reading in the evenings.
Bevin U.
I usually prefer to read at night to de-stress. The books I read are in Chinese, so they serve as both stress-relief and opportunities for me to practice my third language (Mandarin).
Brittany N.
I read whenever I like but I do have it in my nightly routine to read a book. It helps me unwind my mind and relax enough of my thoughts to go to sleep.
Phoebe P.
I tend to read in the evening; usually very late into the night. However, there are days when an early morning read with a cup of coffee sets up the mood for a productive day.
Srishti C.
I prefer reading a book in morning. It will give you a very good start for the whole day . It will increase your focus and concentration. When i read a book at evening or at noon , I end up sleeping. In morning we can read any book without getting bored. So reading a boring book in evening or night is not a good idea.
Orli N.
Definitely the morning. If the book have action or anything like that in it is hard to go to sleep at night because you are thinking about the book.