How do you choose books and set up a reading list?

Juniper N.
I signed up to kindle unlimited and started reading thrillers and suspense. The same candy I like to watch but for reading. That way it doesn’t feel like a chore. Then I try to focus on a current non fiction from different topics: military, biology, education, etc. My town has book talk/signing events and If I have enough notice, I’ll read that book and attend the talk. Scott Kelly came by promoting his book “Endurance” and so did Dr. Mukraje for “The Gene”.
Luciano J.
There's a website called where you can look at books that are similar to books you've already read. I also have the app Goodreads where you can keep track of books you want to read/have read.
Wayne Z.
Look for books that inspire you, that people recommend. I think books are a way of looking into somebody else’s thoughts. It’s an adventure. I keep different reading lists depending on the subject: entertainment, academic interest, self growth etc.
Ross R.
I tend to go off recommendations from friends or that I’ve maybe heard in a podcast. I also try to pick out books that are going to help me with where I am at the present or where I want to be.
Sean N.
I find books that catch my attention wether that be through cover or title, I then read the description of the book or the first chapter to decide if I should try it! As for my reading list I just never stop searching for new books even if I’m currently reading one I will always find another to save for later
Kyle O.
When it comes to choosing books, the first and most important thing to consider is what you’ll enjoy. Personally, I enjoy classic literature, science and science fiction, but never recommend these to someone who I thought would prefer, say, autobiographies or romance. As for a reading list, I use Goodreads for inspiration. I’ll also try to have several different books on the go at any one time so that each day I can pick up the one that best suits my mood. Finally, also pair a good book with a cup of tea.