What genre of book do you read?

Mariara S.
Read a lot of non-fiction and self help books for years and got overwhelmed so stopped. Have picked up a few books on buddhism and some scifi fiction
Kate N.
Sooo many! My favorites are probably classics, fantasy and historical fiction. But, I like to read books on the NY Times bestseller list and Pulitzer winning books. I try to sneak some non-fiction in there too.
Malissa O.
I read many different genres, probably my most favorite is crime, mystery etc.. I also really enjoy biographies and historical fiction as well . I typically always have some sort of self growth book that I am reading too.
Diane Y.
I love a lot of genre's but I just do not like nonfiction. It also depends on my mood. When I am sad I love fantasy to be able to slip into another world, off example. But I love fantasy, fiction, sci-fi, realistic fiction (kinda). Hope this helps!