When is the best time to read

Gypsy P.
I actually like to read in the morning and at night before I go to sleep. I read spiritual/self help/motivational texts in the morning while I eat my breakfast and start my day. Then at night, I like to read fiction before I go to sleep … nothing like a good book before bed to make the dreams more interesting!

I guess it's how I show myself some love to start and end my day. I feed my soul with written words and reminders that I'm part of something bigger.

Nada Z.
In my opinion, at the morning after you complete your morning routine and daily habits then you should read about one chapter or as you like but make it like an obligatory one or challenge yourself or any friend.
Nisa N.
I think it depends on you. For me, reading has no time. I read whenever I feel like to. But I prefer quiet times like before sleeping or in the morning when I wake up.