What got you into reading?

Nancy Q.
What got me into reading was finding the right author. I always hated reading but once I gave it an actual try and found an author I liked, I couldn’t stop reading.
Cassiey F.
I don’t know, I’ve just been reading my whole life. My mom used to read to me as a kid but I wanted to do it on my own so I learnt how and then began reading more.
Sharon P.
I've always loved stories, no matter if they are told through words, screens, or paper. I think the best about reading, is that you experience situations in a perspective you wouldn't see otherwise. The reason I like reading more than series, is that it leaves the characters and the world up to your imagination. Even if the description is exact, you will have your very own version that no one else sees. Reading and writing are the only things that let you be so creative and in contact with your fantasy
Aishath R.
My stories kind of funny 😂. Everyone knows the 'After' movies. I best friend recommended the movies and before I watch any movie I Google it and see everything about the plot, cast, release date and everything. So after Googling it I found out that the movie is based on a book. So I thought I'll watch the movie after reading the book. And there was 4 books so I read all of them. And ever since I've loved reading and write now I'm reading another book that has a movie coming out 😂
Temi R.
Reading is something that I've always loved. It relieves stress and is really good for my mental health. I love getting lost in a story, relating to the characters, and seeing different perspectives. There was a time period where I stopped reading because I couldn't find books where I felt myself being represented. It wasn't until the Hate U Give that I saw myself in Starr Carter. It was beautiful to read a book on the black experience and it really put things into perspective.
Prac Dio F.
I loved it since I was very young and my parents encouraged it and bought me more and more books until I had a whole shelf!
Albin T.
Reading is a kind of meditation for me.I love sitting alone with a coffee and reading a book.some of the books really reflects us
Xenia F.
Reading specifically for entertainment. Growing up, I loved to read, but as I got older it felt more and more like I was slogging through books. I realized it was because when I was younger, I read what I loved, fantastical worlds, comedies and science fiction. As I got older I spent more time reading what I felt I needed to, educational tomes and dense nonfiction. No wonder it got boring. I've been taking more time to read fun stories of science fiction and adventure, and it has made it much easier to engross myself in stories. In turn, enjoying reading has made me appreciate the dense nonfiction much more. Overall it has led me to read much more of both fiction and nonfiction. A quote stuck out to me when I was shown this method, "Read what you love, and you will eventually love to read."
Paula U.
I love to read you can learn and grow from transporting yourself off into the authors world. At school I was made to take English literature hated it no sooner had I left school the book I was forced to read, I read it again at my own pace loved it Pride and Prejudice which is really strange because I’m currently reading The Tenant of Wildfell Hall 😊
Natalie S.
I was always bored alone while my sisters were reading books like "Emma" secret history" "1984"etc, so I decided this Christmas I am not going to ask santa for a toy or a drees,I was going to ask for a book! At first it was a big mission for me but seeing my sisters reading so many books and have piles of completed book it gave me the courage to read more books and soon one book became two then two became three and then three turned into several books and that's what got me into reading books
Ray W.
It was the two book series' Harry Potter and Warrior Cats that first got me into reading. I read them non-stop in elementary school, and since then, I've been reading fantasies, action, drama, and romance novels and it's all so magical. First of all, Harry Potter is a classic series everyone knows, so that was a blast because I would blab about it with my friends all day and it was like our main subject. Warrior cats is more for teens or young adults, because it has some pretty sad parts. There's one more book I read that's based on animals. Watership Down. It's so emotional, and I absolutely love rabbits because of it. My dad read it to me when I was a kid, and speaking of that, having someone else read to you or listening to an audio book is amazing if you're doing something else like working out or doing chores. It's a great way to learn vocabulary, expressions, and you can hear the depth and emotion being expressed by the reader. Just keep a mini dictionary nearby!
Minnu P.
I am reading the booked named "three thousand stiches"- sudha murthy. These are random simple stories but having deep meaning inside. For a girl like me it was a great inspiration and could relate with some incidents in my life.
Megan N.
The fact that if i was reading i was able to escape reality and all the problems with it. The worlds and places the Authors talked about were so magical and happy i always just wanted ti escape there. My friend and i always used to talk about the books we read and what universe we think we were from in the books.
Shannon Y.
My mum read to me from a very young age and instilled in me a love of language and books. We read stories out aloud together as a family all of my childhood and I loved books from the moment I learned to read.
Sofia N.
Well to be honest, I got reading 📖 from school. I always loved reading 📖 when I was born I loved 🥰 when my mom read me a bedtime 🥱 story. And as I get older and older I learn more and more from reading, all those 9 years I’ve been reading 📖
Hanna Y.
Just some old classics, i found peace in my head by reading them, Dostoyevsky, Kafka and etc…. It's just relaxing when, befor sleep, you make tea and start reading a book with some ambient music
Madison S.
I was always interested in reading the Harry Potter books. So I made it a goal of mine to read all of them, my next goal is to read the mortal instrument series
Jimmy U.
It is like a window into parts of your own soul. Also it gets you an opportunity to escape your reality of you are in one you don't like. You get read other's life lessons and learn without having to go through them yourself. So that's what intrigued me
Alset X.
First of all my way was risky because if you fall too deep you can never come back. I started with what I liked like anime, then went on to reading manga/manhwa online. As I read, I get too deep into stories that I search the web for the next chapter, even if it was in plain text I still read them until the end of what was available. I started this 2021 from that year until now I read more than 5000 chapters of manga/ manhwa with side effect of reading more than 100 chapters in plain text. Later on, I shift on to educational books. The only con is that if you get controlled by the manga/ manhwa it will lead to you not working on important things. What you should be doing? Pick a 100 page book that you feel connected to and read it in one sitting. Repeat cycles of reading books, but increase the pages by a few more.
Komal Z.
The self help book helped me a lot in improving myself and then I thought to give a try to stories book which I find great and from then I am more interested in reading book then scrolling in social media
Villads W.
I’m not entirely sure as I visit department stores or book shops and I pre-read books to find what interests me the most out of the many books available to read.
Telo Z.
Reading is enriching for me, someone who struggles with creativity and is in a constant maladaptive daydream state. When I am intimidated by time constraints, I find a book to my liking that is easy to read and/or short to medium in length. This way, I don't get trapped in a reading slump. 😁
Jayna Y.
When I was young, I saw my siblings reading thick books which looked really interesting to me. So when I was older and knew how to read, I began picking up storybooks for my age and I matured over time and started reading murder and crime and fantasy adventures too. Till this day, my favourite genre is still mystery and/or crime, because I always love the suspense, and how the protagonist(s) work their way through to solve the crime or mystery.
Jimmie E.
Actually It was my father who got me into reading then after a while I found my self enjoying reading because of the narration if the story ,twist and turn .I felt like I was living in that story and they is a TRUE author skill
Khushi W.
I would say my stress. I started reading when I was so stressed about my habits and day to day sluggish behaviour .
But as I started reading I fell in love with it and now I can't live without reading and writing.
Yeah it took alot of my time and efforts to make it an actual habit in the beginning but I was so adamant that I bought many books which I found interesting and when I see these books sitting on my desk all the time I started wanting to read them.
For you, if you find it hard to make reading a habit then you can start with some books which are too interesting for not to read, some books you crave for. You can start with novels as well, you will find yourself indulged in the storyline.
It is great to be able to read books many Books 📚 .Best of luck for your journey with the books👏.
Te B.
Learning English, as English is my second language, growing up there was not a lot of books in my native tongue, when I was a teenager I started to learn to speak English. Books were a way for me to connect to the wider world and explore the realms of my imagination. I've never stopped reading and always have a book on the go.
Titilayo W.
Knowledge is power, they say. The opportunity of rubbing mind with great minds is only provided through reading. Therefore, I read to be well informed so as to know what to do when faced with certain challenges
Hailey O.
My grandmother Elizabeth and my mother Miriam. My grandmother was reading to me every evening before I fall asleep. And my mother, while we were living with her, was putting cassette tapes on play. She was recording her poetry readings in the nightly radio show, so I was listening
Sophia P.
When I was younger, my love for horror movies piqued an interest in horror stories, mostly short stories. As I got older and developed new tastes, I began reading other types of text. I quit reading for a very long time and have finally found my way back. I was motivated by the sense of calm and peace it gives me. Also, I have a child now and I want her to watch me read so that she can develop similar habits.
Philip W.
I was always into reading from the past 4 to 5 years.. I never read anything tho. I had my eyes on alot of books but never bought any of them. Durng covid in 2020, I finally bought few books to read in order to escape everything as everything was closed I was feeling exhausted inside home.. had nothing to do so to escape al this I started reading and I couldn’t let go of this habit now. I love reading and I enjoy reading.
Siegward J.
When I was 7 I saw some books lying on my sisters table and that was Geronimo Stilton so I asked do you have more books and she said yes so when I had a look on the books they looked very interesting so I got into reading
Unique X.
It is always something I have enjoyed. Even as a child, I have enjoyed getting lost in my imagination with a great book. Not much is better.
Clifton E.
My extreme desire to change myself and follow a particular routine so that I do not get stressed and balance out my studies as well got me into reading, I am reading self-help books right now like Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude
Leah Y.
The primary school I was in got me into reading. They mantra there was "develop a reading culture". They ensured we did so by incorporating it 40 minutes of library time in our schedule each day and story telling. So that's where my enthusiasm for reading started. How about you?
Symoni B.
Recently, I bought myself a series of books ranging in topics from dissecting the impact humanity is currently having on the planet and how we can change that impact into a positive one to a book about a faceless old woman who tells her life story and how she went from a feared pirate on the high seas to secretly living in your home. It's certainly compelling stuff to say the least.
Margaux Z.
I once watched a series called: A series of unfortunate events. One of the kids read a lot, so I tried it to. But even before that I was really into reading. Especially when I got my first Harry Potter Book. It’s big because it has pictures, illustrated by J.K.Rowling herself. I’m a real Harry Potter Fan, it’s called being a Potterhead.
Samantha N.
When I read i escape to another world where I can be anyone I want to be and escape from reality it helps lower my anxiety and make me happy
Philip Z.
My dad did. Hes a huge reader and passed it onto me when I was little. He would always share his books with me to read and it had added on to my love of reading.
Edgar S.
Well I got into reading because for me it's like entering a new world like let's say a winter wonderland when I read it feels like I am there you know I hope that it helps you answer your question
Layla E.
I’ve been reading the way of the superior man. I promised myself that I would finish 4 books this year so this is just the beginning
Nishadi X.
My english is not well but i want to say that. Reading is greater to me. many things i have to know about because of the reading. That help me to improve my knowledge. Sometimes im getting bored, at that time i want to read some articles or novel's. Reading helps me to know about new me. i love to reading.
Laura X.
A lazy teacher in high school had 2 days a week dedicated to reading a book from home. Any book at all, no limits- big deal for small Christian school. Don’t remember those first books, and it was slow going, but I wasn’t competing with classmates on speed or comprehension. Just devouring a story at my own pace.
Rosl V.
It wasn't a sudden internet. Ever since childhood I loved stories. Like be it school books or any normal storybooks. But as I grew up, I lost touch with storybooks. In middle of class 10th I started reading intellectual motivation books but as soon as it ended, It Ends With Us was the first novel I remember reading by my whole heart. It was a spark.. a want to read more.. I'm a freelancer so I read all types all genres. It was a start and it's going greattt
Kayla W.
I found the time to read in my breaks between studying one subject and another, studying for 1h and the break for 10min.
Lester Y.
It was a way of getting away from my studies and just feeding my imagination with a world I wa not really part of and that's when reading became fun for me
Ivan O.
Well……I like reading since I was a little kid bro-idk what got me into reading maybe because it helps me ignore all the problems that's around me?idk 🙂
Keith E.
Some really good books are the unteachables, slacker, and the mysterious Benedict society. Some more books are lord of the rings and the hobbit. Hope these work out!! But before you read or get them ask your parents if you can?!
Karl J Rgen S.
My mom introduced me to book since I was 4. She started reading them for me, not only before going to bad, but everytime we were together. I got really interested in the choosing of words and I could not wait to start school so I could read by myself. As soon as I learned to read my mom brought me to our local library. I got so interested in the first book that I had to rent another 5 together, and I finished them in 1 week. As years went by me and my mom would just sit with a cup of coffee in the weekend and read on our owns. I had a 2 years break since she passed, as I could not focus enough to understand and the words would change their spelling! But this year I had just a purpose for the summer: finishing It, which I started in 2020, but it seemed like my brain did not want to take it to the end. I forced myself to continue (since I can't stand leaving things half done) and, at the ending, I felt such a relief that since August I could not stop reading. I had this feeling that my mom was very proud of me for getting back on our favourite activity! since August I've read 12 books that were my mom's and they were from her favourite writer, Agatha Christie. Therefore I felt so connected with my mom and I started being passionate and happy to bring this routine back! And now I could not survive without at least 5 hours a day of me reading with a good cup of tea!
Laura C.
Hello fabulous user!

First, my parents stimulated me when I was a child. They are both great readers and I wanted to be like them.

Time passes by, I slowly learned how to read and what topics made me stick with a book for hours… Knowing what kind of literature you like is a important discover to make. To get to know that you will pass through same books.

It's okay to not finish a book you didn't like. You don't have to suffers and finish something that is unpleasant to you.

I have settled the best time of the day to read. It's not much but it makes me feel good when I do it.

Nowadays I mostly read college books because I need to understand what my classes are about. And when I read them and after that I understand what my teachers are talking about I get exited because it means that I got the correct perspective.

Also taking with friends that have some book indications msde me want to read more.If you find a club to join them you can read and make comments on the book and when you exchange with another person they may have fun with the comments you added, it's a good dinamic for keep you going.

It's not a easy journey. But I am always triyng to find fun with it.

Well I guess I didn't helped much… keep triyng and find someone to talk about books with you. When I found my reading partners I got a lot more into books, and I got to know many kinds that I haven't explored before. It's like an adventure in another world.

Jamim C.
I went to the book store and I found some fear street books and I got one I loved it so I hon 2 more I read both loved the and I just finished my new fear street book “The Wrong Number” by R.L. STINE. Ever since fear street series I have got more into read.
Zefanja O.
It's actually because I had a hard time reading English, and my teacher gave me the task to practice with books.
I eventually found the apps episode and wattpad, And it helped. I liked the stories, so I kept reading.
The only thing is that I prefer English books over Dutch, wich is my mother language.
Anna P.
Always loved to read, even as a child. Before I knew how to read, would read signs from stores. First book with chapters I read was when I was nine years old. It was "Star Girl".
Diya Z.
Nothing special! I think the I started taking reading seriously during post lockdown phase. My 1st book was 'being miss nobody' by Tamsin Winter… I was deeply in love with its storyline, and after that i just read books that fit my expectations
Raj Z.
Because of distraction while reading.Even some time my parents also become a little cause for it.
Some time my mind also got divert in many unnecessary things.
At the time of reading some people also play music.
That's all.
Ali F.
I think it was the imagination that I could get or feel from a book . I mostly read novels so imagining the appearance of the characters or the sounding really helped me enjoy and love reading.
Georgia N.
Finding a good book series because then you want to read because it's enjoyable and then once you finished there is another book following from the last I personally find that Harry Potter is a great series in fact I'm re-reading it know and it's so enjoyable
Alfred C.
I got into raeding because I thought it could take me place from place in the books and it did so that is how I got into reading .
Mathilde Z.
I was always fond of reading stories since my childhood. I was always ahead of my teachers or my class. Once i read the whole book which was in my syllabus. I always want to gain knowledge and improve my english. So i started reading books. But i prefer reading through physical copies than reading through screen. I don't like to read articles. Not that they are boring its just that i don't like to read on screen that much.
Clayton U.
I love reading. It's a escape from reality. When I read I feel free. When you don´t like reading you just didn´t find the right book yet.
Titilayo W.
Knowledge is power, they say. The opportunity of rubbing mind with great minds is only provided through reading. Therefore, I read to be well informed so as to know what to do when faced with certain challenges.
Gustav C.
To start off I want to say that my mom played a big part in it. Starting when I was only one year old she would take me to the library and read with me there, and she always encouraged me to pick out books so we could read them at home. As I got older that passion for reading never changed. I read series, single books, books from authors I really liked, and that has continued to this day where I am now 19 and an active student in college. The key I think to start reading consistently is start with one series (for me it was Harry Potter) and see it all the way through. Some parts will perhaps be boring, while other parts will bring the tale to life. Once you finish that series then branch out to other books that have the same genre (fantasy, horror, romance, etc.) and try to find one that speaks to you. Remember that you will not click with every single book, and it’s okay to put the book down until you feel like you can read it. And even if you never want to read it, that’s okay too! You do not need to love every book, connect with every author, be a fast reader, or live up to any other reading expectations, to enjoy a book.
Tee N.
The idea just imagining a whole new world and being part of it.
You can escape from the reality for a moment and enjoy this new experience, this new be place that doesn’t exist but it seems so real.
Denise F.
I grow up in a family that lacks knowledge, no idea who made me read, I just found myself into it and started buying
A lot of bocks
Martha P.
I got into reading when I moved to the us to help me learn English but then it became a way for me to scape reality for a little
Scarlett P.
I believe that reading can make me smarter and its good for my brain. I feel good when i read books. I have a big dream that one day im going to write so many books on my own language for my little country for mentoring my countries young people.
Archie C.
I watched a video recently where someone explored a few ways to read a book in a day. It was weirldy inspirational so I have started reading a bit more. I actively try and find time (often late evenings) to read a book. It’s very frequently non-fiction unrelated to my course, but still something I find interesting. I don’t really read fiction but I have two fiction books that are looking at me quite inticingly sometimez.
Randall S.
I wasn't much of a reader growing up. Sure I'd read a stray novel or two here and there, a mystery or romance, but nothing too in-depth. That changed when I started my English literature degree in college. I had to study the British classics, poetry and medieval plays: your Austens and Shakespeares. So I'm glad I got to do and study English and ended up loving it 🙂 that's my little journey to become a reader and can't wait to discover the gems from world literature. It also helps that I have a bookstagram account so that keeps me updated with what's cooking in the publishing and book world.
Alma F.
I am not a book reader person but when I got Senior High, I feel that I'm not that good in terms in vocabulary, grammars and many more. I just felt that I am lack on something that I don't really know what it is. I thought that I need to improve myself. Discover new things in my skills. I want to have a hobby that can be a lifetime wherein I can learn and have a good analytical skills and words of information.
Oreki Y.
What get me in to reading is my friends were talking about it and TikTok but I always liked reading manga and I am trying to read chapter books so I can get better and use to it because I need it in life but I also read about Islam books 📚 I feel like that is the only big reason I am reading I want to learn more about Allah and Islam and Muhammad Saw and love it so far
Naima I.
I was bullied as a kid so I would stay in for recess and read I was able to get away from the world and go I to my books
Pauline E.
I always enjoyed reading to be honest, however i did in the past have like even years without it, the i get back because i really liked how my imagination worked as it was like i am watching films even though i never did, then theres just books sitting there in the room and i got the inspiration to start and switch mobile phone with books ( in boredom).
Olivia Z.
I like reading but find it difficult to start, so I added it to my bedtime routine to get into the habit. A book you enjoy reading also helps.
Abi Y.
I've always read a lot as a person. My mom reads quite often or used to and I think thay influenced me when I was younger. I had a very high reading level in elementary school, and could read 600 page books in 4 days in the 4th grade. Since then I've been o seemed with the art of seeing and understanding the words on a page. Though I have strayed from the traditional paper books to ebooks, I always have something to read on hand.
Enik G.
I've been into reading since I was a child. It helps me rewind in the evenings, relax my mind and prepare for a good sleep.
Magnus F.
When i was studying in 2 or 1 grade I guess there was one if my friend reading an English book fluently. So I also want to be just like her
Cory I.
I watched a series on Netflix that called shadow and bone and I got addicted and then I dound out its also a book series so I gave it a try and now I have over 30 books
Mehdi Y.
The first answer is: you!
I was not happy becouse I had not time for reading… but, whit Faboulus, I realize that it is not impossible to find 30 minute for this activity. Thank you!
Ilonka O.
I have been through various problems in my life but at a point i got stood up and chose to change it and books helps me to boost my imagination 🍃
Susan Y.
I've always loved reading, from the first moment I could read. I started reading earlier than most kids and I honestly I couldn't stop. My mom herself was/is a big reader and she encouraged me to do the same and I read basically whatever I could get my hands on. When I wasn't doing school I was reading, when I wasn't playing outside I was reading, when I wasn't daydreaming I was reading. I loved learning about history so I read many books on those subject as well as biographies. Being a reader I also loved to write. I wrote short stories and poems and songs that I would read over and over. I honestly miss the days where I could just sit around reading without a care in the world, reading does that to you, it transports you to another world.
Ishita Q.
I have a cousin elder brother who used to give me a lot of good story books from renowned children book authors when I was a kid. He started giving them really early like when I just learnt to read. I was a sensitive child who liked spending time with herself than playing with others. The books became the favourite accessories. I then used that habit in my study and reading skill developing books as well. For anyone who wants to make it a habit my suggestion would be to give some time everyday into it. Start with something not very complicated, like short stories in your fav genre.
Claudia P.
My interest in learning new things and fiction got me into reading. I started by reading books like Harry Potter and it has led me to be more interested. To me it’s like creating your own movie just in your head.
Almerindo Z.
I was thinking about our brains when we are switching between languages so I searched for some neuroscience papers to answer my question, briefly my curiosity motivated me.
Shane Z.
I got into reading because I would see my mom doing it a lot and I liked when other people would read to me. It was always so comforting and I always enjoyed it. So when I was old enough I asked my mom to help me learn how to read and after that I was hooked I loved it so much. I loved getting lost in different places and other peoples stories and lives. It was always so interesting and fun to learn about new worlds and creatures, with things that we don’t have here like magic and fairies stuff like that.
Claire T.
I want to read because I feem as if I dont do anything with my life other than tik tok so I decided to read when I'm bored to try to build the mindset to read without thinking about it.
Karu N.
I think the most important starting point is picking up a book and forcing yourself to read it. It helped me start reading more, and now my room has a little library corner too!
Erkan O.
In 6th grade i was really bored one day and i just saw my sister's book on the dresser and i picked it up and read it, i didnt particularly like it but it was a story different than the ones i usually encountered and it wasnt a good one might i add but it was my first novel. Then i started researching books in middle school and discovered dostoevsky which is of course too much for a kid but i had no frame of reference or knowledge of what to start with and whats a good idea or not. So i started reading his books i started with crime and punishment and you can imagine the impact that had on me and ever since ive been in love with book and they've gotten me through pretty horrible days. But honestly even though i love reading it hasnt been a constant thing for me. When i got into university and started studying pharmacy i simply had no time for it and even when i did i couldn't read from all the burn out. So i was reading very little but this last yr it was my internship yr and ive read more this yr than i have the last 5 yrs so that gives you an idea of how very few books ive read in those 5 yrs in college. Anyway i just graduated now this june and trying to read more.
Alexander F.
some friends told me that the novel have Interesting events so I wanted to read it and i like reading any ways but I don't have much time to read so I installed fabulous to organize my time so I can read
also it is the first day I installe fabulous and it made my day better and I can use every minute in my day💗✨
_thanks fabulous _💗
Te Filo Q.
I never really got into reading, I always preferred to spend less money. My English teacher then showed me this app (Borrowbox) that is free with your local library card.
Sara U.
Reading is good for your brain and it helps to get information that people don’t see. The books helps you with the memory and gives you a relax minutes.
Anita C.
I’ve always enjoyed reading. As an isolated child I took to reading as an escape. However all tho this still holds some truth it is not an escape but more some relaxed time out
Alex N.
I don’t really know. But reading is one of the best information resources, it’s improve your member, ability to think, imagination. And book opens a different worlds wich you could even don’t know about, probably it’s my reasons, but honestly the main thing is a interesting book.
Tracy X.
I used to really like reading when I was younger, but then kinda stopped for a while. Not too long ago I got back into it tho, for me it was a hunger for knowledge. I don’t only read fiction now, at the moment I love books about philosophy and describing how the brain works. Plus it helps to broaden my vocabulary which feels quite fulfilling.
Ma Ly E.
I used to read voraciously as a child then I lost it for awhile as I got into high school and young adulthood. I now make a concentrated effort to read because I love learning and reading for pleasure still tickets brain.
Merari P.
At first the curiosity of this habit, because a lot people I know have it, so I wanted to try it again. I start with the books I already had in my home 🙂
Joanna Z.
I was a stay at home mom years ago and for some reason went to a library and picked a random book. I ended up loving the book and from then on I couldn't stop. I love books that are educational but I also love spicy books, mysteries, fictional history, etc. Different stories hit just right with the right move or life stage. Also, knowledge really is power, so I read as much as I possibly can.
Robert J.
My mother always told me that a great book help you have a great mood. I started reading a book my mother got me in 4th grade and since then I became OBSESSED with reading. My currently favorite book is ‘the song of Achilles’ and my favorite series are: the maze runner series, the hunger games series, the good girl’s guide to murder series and of course the divergent series. Hope that helps!
Cecilie Z.
I was young and needed a way to escape from the difficulties of life at the time. I uses to hate reading because at the time my dyslexia made it hard but then I found just the right book and I have never gone a day without one since. Books have become a combination of hobby, coping mechanism, and comfort objects all rapped into one.
Erico S.
I got more knowledge and learning about human life. I got extraordinary thinks from reading books. When I start reading the books I found more important answers.
Mariana A.
My mom read me half a book and wouldn't finish it… She told me if I wanted to find out how it ended I would have to read it myself
Mari O.
I love to read fantasy that breaks away from our reality. It's an escape from everyday life where anything can happen and your imagination can run wild.
Fionnghuala Z.
I wanted to learn more about my own mind and how to understand it more clearly. Philosophy and psychology have always inspired me and I love reading things that give me tools I can implement in my own life to improve it, or change the way I look at things.
Zo T.
Reading is one of my most favorite hobbies . Reading also helps you learn and is a very good passion . I can't really explain the thing that got into me, but I just love reading from a very young age. I called myself a Avid Reader and a bookworm. You should try it too.
Richard S.
I've picked books that I've found interesting, and I started to read every day before going to sleep. When I mastered this habit, I started to read during the day, too. Book recs: The Folk of the Air series, The Inheritance games, The Selection. I hope this helped 😊
Risiele Z.
I have been dealing with so much on my own that I felt so alone in my journey to adulthood without my mother around to guide me. I sought out some ways of trying to better myself through exercise and inspiration through social media, and I happen to come across a recommendation of this app. Decided to give it a go and it has been really helpful for the past 5 days. I can definitely say that it's making a difference in my life. One step at a time.
Colleen U.
Usually i love reading it's allow me to be in other world different to which we are a world where i can lost my self and forgot all the problems i have a world where everything is possible and where i can rest without being worried about anything else a world where I would stay forever and ever
Anna P.
I heard my friends talking about some books i asked them about it they told me the books are amazing and I should try reading. So I agreed with them and tried reading and when I started reading I was able to feel it.
Radhalisa M.
What got me into reading was getting back into something I love to do. I love to learn, to discover themes and new information, and how I can implement that into my life. Reading grounds me, fuels me, informs me, and helps me grow.
Sanket Z.
I Got To Learn Some Very Important Life Lesson From The Book Of True, Pure & Divine Knoweledge – The Bhagwad Gita. This Book Is The Book Everyone On This Planet Must Read And Understand And Follow. This Will Surely Change Your Way Of Taking Things And Your Life In A Positive Way.
Cec Lio S.
First hello actually I really love reading because it gives you the opportunity for living more than once that you have and you will see the world from other people eyes you know it’s like traveling in time, like teleporting I don’t know how to say it’s just amazing if you want to start reading start from a book that you know you will love 😉
Charlotte J.
Well, I was always into it. Reading is my way of escaping the reality and living in another world with other people, even if only for a few hours. Reading calms me down, makes me smile, sometimes makes me sad. It just makes up half of my life. Reading is awesome. 💖
Atha N.
READING..Previously, I really didn't like book rights. looking at a text or a long text will make me dizzy. My first book was a literary work written by tere liye, reading that book opened my mind, like an open window in the morning. The book is interesting enough that I am addicted to reading it. That's when I started to like reading. Like reading is a must when reading will open one's horizons..
Suzane P.
when i was little i remember that i was forced into reading….and obviously i didnt like reading those times…but as time flew by i started loving books by reading novels first….novels were the best…their imagination got me addicted to books….then i became a fan of sherlock holmes…soo im a book worm now❤
Zil Y.
Since I remember i read and still i enjoy reading sometimes i just want to be vanish in this world and picture other things. Reading in a way that make me feel calm however while reading sometimes i use my phone and that’s be distracted I am trying to control it.
Xarina N.
Actually,I’ve been reading my entire life. There was a time (around 2-3 years) where I stopped reading but now I started reading a lot again. I personally think that poetry got me into reading again since I saw an amazing book by Rupi Kaur at the library.
Yvonne Q.
Well my dad always had a lot of books so I always had variety of books to read. I started with a short stories book called How I taught my grandmother to read by Sudha Murthy. And then I moved on to a book called Half the field is mine by Swati Sengupta. This was also a short book but it has one stories rather than many short ones. Soon enough I got a habit the longest book I have read is Kafka on the shore by Haruki Murakami and currently I am reading 1984 by George Orwell. Also it's good to take book recommendation I also do that , you will get know about what kind of genres book you will like the most and after reading a book try telling others about it, I got suprised when I learnt that I can know so much by reading that also helped me keep going. In the end keep reading it's great brain exercise and feel free to experiment with it.
Anika N.
I started reading to get my mind off when my grandmother had cancer. Then it became a habit whenever I read I go to that world. It's a part of me which I cannot live without
Kerieri R.
Well it begins with hearing alot of people talking about the benefits of reading especially making you smarter and so I couldn't have paper book so easily because it's not common in my social circle so I began to read through my phone and I was fascinated about this new world and yeah I began to read more and more even though sometimes I left reading for awhile I return with more determination to read more
Tristan F.
I tried to write a lot when I was young and nearly completed a very in depth book.however the book Was lost and I found myself uninspired to read or write for the longest time. Recently my inspiration has been coming in small wavea as i have been working toward re-writing my book. For reference I decided to read some of my old favortites and try a few new ones. I have found that sitting down to a book even if you are not sre you will like it and saying "well let me at least try a page" that most of the time if it's a decent book you'll say perhaps one page more. If not a good book then not much was wasted.
Alexandra J.
I never really read any type of books, but one day I came across "atomic habits" and this book changed the way I look at books. It was the first book I red completely in a verg long time and I enjoyed it . 😉