Can reading too many books be bad for you?

Karl O.
Reading too many books aren’t bad for me because I won’t be overthinking of something and reading helps me with vocabulary and grammar.
Heinz U.
I would say no. But on the other hand, it seems that
by reading too many books you don't live your life but someone else's life. Thus, there should be a balance.
Cass P.
I'd imagine that anything good on the surface can be bad for you if it negatively impacts the rest of your life. Make sure to employ critical thinking skills when you read!
Emile Q.
Not at all!! Read as many as you can. Take your time on each one to enjoy them and soak in the ideas. And read a wide variety of topics too. That will help you learn about the world around you. As you begin reading it will become easier to decipher what topics you like to read about as well as how you feel about certain ideas. Reading books will also produce more questions as your learning deepens and your topics of choice take shape. But that is the fun of reading. Reading can take you around the world and to the edges of the universe. All you have to do is open a book and go there.
Leslie J.
No, reading is knowledge, knowledge is power. However reading when time allows is key. It is better to get everything in balance, work, play, down time in the right order.
Kerri F.
No. Are they inspirational or informational or just trashy? Lighthearted is ok but are romantic novels making it hard to deal with real life humans? Being an adult is about making more and more good choices for yourself not defaulting to adult rated. Sometimes even reading a kids book brings joy and laughter.
Raul Z.
Reading is clearly not a bad thing. Too many is never enough. Learning new words, new conceptions of life, feelings, places, people, love, etc.. is always a necessity for the human being. So reading too many books is not a bad thing for me.
Dena E.
Every book gives of some unsaid messages (morales). If you are reading too many books with morales that aren't good/true/healthy this would be bad for you. However because books have to pass inspection from a publisher most books do not fall into this category.
Milla X.
I don't think so. I don't think you can read too much. I used to read a lot when I was younger – like many books a day – and I have only benefit from it. My vocabulary got a lot wider. Also reading actually has a huge impact on the improvement of your imagination. And it just makes you smarter. Reading itself can't be bad for you. But if you forget everything else – do nothing else – then it might be an issue 😀
Lionel O.
Yes. You would end up having eye pains and find yourself wasting too much time. Please read, but not too much at once. It's like looking at your phone for far too long.
Carolyn C.
No way, if reading is what you enjoy and something that enriches your life, you should do it. Even if you read to cope with bad times or experiences that's okay to, just evaluate the reason you read and decide if that is good or not.
Fatima X.
Never, in a million years, have I heard someone saying that too many books are bad!.
Well, they might damage your sight through time, but doesn’t technology nowadays do that just as well?!
Through books all you gain is wisdom, knowledge, happiness.
Never stop reading books! However many you have already read!
Bernardo A.
No, reading books allows you to learn new information and develop your language/vocabulary that can be used in communication to the people that are closest to you. It provides you with inspiration to look at your life in a new way. Not to mention that reading allows you to be in the moment. When you’re reading you are thinking about that book and that world and the noise and stress of the outside world just disappears into the background.