What is more important to read many book or to apply the knowledge from one, practice it and than continue with the next one?

Frank Michael F.
It depends on the type of book. Some are created to entertain, some are factual like nonfiction, and others teach you and transform you. I like reading any type of book depending on the moment, so there's no definitive answer.
Arthur T.
Practice the knowledge from the book. I believe that from each book we read we should take knowledge from it and apply it into our daily lives. It is better to learn from a book rather than sit down and read for no reason
Mathew L.
I guess they have to go both together. We should read books as many as we actually want and just put the knowledge that we gained while reading into practice. We wouldn't know how to practice good things without reading in the first place. So it best if we always read, understand the value of that lesson and then put it into practice. We can do this, we just don't need to give up.
Because, good things come if we practice them over, and over again.
Erin F.
i think you just need to feel your brain and what it wants. it also depends on the book, maybe if you're reading a complex book you'll like something more simple and easy to read at the same time, in order to relax your mind some times. i personally enjoy reading a book at a time.
Mary O.
It is more important to apply the knowledge you learnt. As then you can become a better version or yourself and you can hold more knowledge