What are the benefits of reading?

Elisa Q.
It takes you to another world. You can read things that fulfill you and bring you peace. You can read stories about love and romance that give you hope! I read before bed every single night and I love it. It expands your vocabulary and boosts your confidence!
🙂 it’s all around very peaceful.
Elsa I.
Reading has numerous benefits. It can give us pleasure and relaxation especially when you are reading amusing fiction books. It can keep us well informed and updated with global events happening in real time. It can provide us different perspectives on different issues confronting us on a daily basis. It can sharpen our thoughts and memory. It can increase our vocabulary. It can make me a better person. Oh how I love to read!
Lynn Z.
Not only is reading beneficial to exercise your brain but it also helps to calm your brain it’s good before bed like I do. If you pick a book you really like then that’s the best thing you can do because I’ve had plenty of books I didn’t like you just grab one you do like and you’ll be more inclined to read more. Keeping your brain active is great in the long run it will keep your memory sharp and it will expand your sense of vocabulary.
Crow Y.
Reading will expand your vocabulary so much. It will take you to different lands, different places, teach you things, let you cry and shout and laugh.
Darren L.
They say reading is a condense form of learning. I find that to be largely true.
Reading widely allows you to explore different topics from different perspectives and discover links between issues in the world or life. Allowing oneself to develop empathy whilst expanding one's horizon

Reading non fictional books could also teach us skills and facts that are usually not taught to us in school such as communication skills

Reading fictional books could teach us morals and fills our life with the wonders of imagination and fantasy, keeps us from thinking all day long about things that stresses us out( homework, projects, your laundry). Basically temporary respite from modern life.

Lastly, reading widely could allow you to avoid falling into 'echo chambers' online where your social media feed just keeps sending you the articles that you want( or supports your particular believes even though it could be wrong) and not articles that brings you other perspectives and alternative forms of thinking. Over time, this 'echo chamber' effect could strengthen prejudices or unhelpful habits. Making an individual to be more single minded and intolerable to people who hold different perspectives.

Hope u find this useful! Reading is a really good habit to have. Keeps your mind active!

Alizee C.
Reading has a lot of benefits. Reading offers you new perspectives of the world and life, you develop your imagination, you gain knowledge and perhaps some communication skills. Reading has the power to let us travel without living our chair, you only have to find the tip of books, magazines… that suits you best.