I love starting books but not so much finishing them. What helps you get to the finish line?

L O Z.
One thing is time invested. If the book has been interesting, there is no reason to let the time invested go to waste; finish it. The better reason is I love to experience the journey with the characters. I enjoy watching them change and grow, or not change and grow, and sometimes I grow and change with them.
Mia F.
Find books you find actually interesting. If its not, you wont care to get to the end. I do the same thing too. Another way is to make sure you give yourself enough time to get invested. Find a cozy place to read at a time you have nothing else to do. If you read for hours at a time, you'll be more likely to actually want to finish the book.
Emma F.
With books, if you don’t want to finish it then that is not the book for you, you need to find a book that you love and can’t wait to finish! Find the right genres for you and read them!
Courtney J.
Read a book that you're really into. If u like horror then just read horror. If u like romance then just read romance. It's easier to finish books if you read things u like.📖📖📖📚
Rosil Q.
It depends on the book. Some hold stories that begin to drag, making finishing them more of a hassle. Then there are those that are too good that felt like finishing them was a crime. The main thing that helps me is in curiosity. I want to see how it ends; I want to know what the finished picture and the end of this domino effect looks like. My only exception to this is with mystery novels. For these, I challenge myself to find an answer and at the end I want to know if I was right in my own deductions made while reading.
Teresa O.
First, I use a technique of being my book to everywhere I go, it’s a simple habit, I’m obliged to read, but I must take it everywhere. What happens is that the simple habit of be with a book with me, “under my arm” makes me read at different times of the day, every time I don’t have nothing else to do.

So, particularly, I am the one who likes to finish a book, I have a book list to read and I feel really excited when I check each one as a read one.

Maria V.
Try to read them faster, usually we get into a part of a book that is not that interesting so we are tempted to just start something new that “we will like from the start to the end” but not many things in life work that way, so if you are stuck, stop reading and the next day or in a short period of time try to pass that chapter; also choosing your type of books (most of writers are not really good at giving a nice ending to the stories, try to read recognized authors like Nobel price winners, they do know how to write) and finally, try to have a constant reading habit
Phoebe N.
I usually read just before going to bed, that way I lie in bed thinking about all the characters and dream of the possibilities for the next part of the story – that way I’m excited to keep reading and find out if I had guessed correctly in any of my possibilities.
Lesa F.
Lol I have to have something that I'm really interested in. Right now reading on how to start over. The book is called Undo it. Good read!
Jae E.
The anticipation of how the story will end keeps me reading. Plus writers leave clues so sometimes you can figure out what’s going to happen. Other times there are plot twists that blindside you.
Mike C.
Clear my mind by meditation and change the place I was setting in it and play music 🎶 with no lyrics of course not forgetting a hot coffee or tea 🍵 ☕️
Steven F.
You need to find something that is very interesting to you. I like crimi novels such as Jo Nesbos'. They are unpredictable and very amusing.
Rosimara P.
Don’t worry too much about finishing books. If it’s not capturing your attention, move on to the next one. Life is too short to read books you don’t like. Feel free to skip sections if you want to find out what happens in the end. Get books from the library so you aren’t wasting money on books you don’t like.
Daniel J.
Add the Reading habit to your routines! I have it at the end of each of my routines, so I wind up reading 4x a day, even if just quick like 5-minute chunks. Consistency and momentum are key.
Diane G.
I used to force myself through books I lost interest in. But why though? If the book isn’t interesting or thrilling to you, you don’t have to force anything. Just pass the book on to a friend and see if they like it. And find something new. Eventually you’ll find one that you inhale in 3 days. When you’re done with it check out more books by the same author.
Hans G Nter X.
I like to read books based on my interest, like romance, suspense, thrillers, and books related to crime. Reading those types of books keep me hooked!
Astrid B.
I take the book with me everywhere just in case I have a free moment to read. Another thing is I have a another book that I want to read but I say I can’t read it until I finish the first one.
Gottfried G.
Pick a book you love.
Also picking a book you already now the plot to so you don't get tried of the of figure out the plot.
Have a set time and place where you read that makes it easier and less distractive.
Have someone to disscus about the book with
Cl Mentine S.
A desire for the feeling of completion that comes when the story arc closes. Read a story not for the sake of reading, but for a genuine love of experiencing something else. Sometimes there are particular characters I follow, sometimes I read for a description of the setting. But in short, pick a book that's likely to keep you interested. Might be best to start with something like The Martian, which is veey fast-paced and entertaining. Remember – something doesn't have to be long-winded and dry to be well written. Good luck, and have fun!
Jennifer T.
Some books are for finishing and some are for just tasting a bit. Start with a page turner, something light and fluffy and fun.
Laura J.
What helps me get to the finish line is knowing that I made a commitment to read everyday and focusing on the daily goal vs worrying about having to finish a whole book. One bite at a time, one day at a time, growing 1% a day!
Christina N.
I make little goals a long the way. Sometimes just setting time aside to open a book, even for a few minutes a day is helpful. Also, I have a list of books I want to read so that I don’t get distracted and start another book.
Janet S.
I'm the same I normally have to force myself near the end find some spare time and just power through it. So satisfying once it is complete.
Katelyn C.
You have to find books that are interesting to you! I find that rotating between novels and nonfiction is helpful to me because I take forever to finish books that don’t have a story line. In my more self help, spiritual, nonfiction books- I read a chapter a day. With novels I could curl up and finish in a few days. It’s all about finding what you like!