How do you remember what you read?

Miguel F.
I read a lot of different books about the same subject. So in the end i dont remember everything that i read but i always remember the most import things about all the books that i read. Its like i read all the different books but all of them end up talking about the same and most important things, and thats what i always remember.
C Lian E.
I try to read a topic that interests me . So if I like to read it it just stays in my head. For example … I enjoy resdy about healthy eating and how to get good healthy looking skin. So I read about this and out nd I remember this. If it comes to reading something from like a chemistry book it definitely won't get in my head I just won't remember what ive read. Hope this helps !!
Alexandra F.
I don’t remember what I read, it’s more about the process itself. If there some useful thought I am using Notes on my phone and in the end of the year I include it in my annual goals. If if it just interesting saying, I am using Highlights on my Kindle.