In your opinion, what time of day is the best time to read?

Ava T.
I prefer reading in the morning or before bed. Never mid day. I feel like reading before bed is a great way to wind down and enjoy a story and escape reality. Reading in the morning helps wake up your brain and ease you into your day.
Emma P.
I spend about an hour throughout the day reading; 15 minutes at a time. Anytime would be good but I feel like reading right after waking up is helpful since it wakes my mind and sets a good tone for the day. I try to avoid reading right before sleep since it can be a distraction.
Nicole N.
Any free time you have is great, but night time makes a good pick because you can use it to relax and let go of the stress of your day.
Mia B.
I think reading at night is the best time to read because there is silence and there are no distractions and reading before bed is better than spending that time on your phone.