What is the best time to read

Erin E.
Either just after you've woken up; when you've made a cup of tea or coffee and gone back to bed, and realised you have 10 extra minutes… Or when you go to bed in the evening, and the house is quiet, and it's just you and the words on the page in front of you… Or it's mid afternoon and either the sun is blazing down or it's howling a gale outside and the sound of the world around you accompanies you on your journey into the book.
Josefine C.
I like to read just before I go to bed and when I wake up. Be careful though as you mi by start associating taking with sleep! So, if possible, read in a comfy chair or sit up straight in bed.
Bri Anna C.
The best time to read is either in the morning when the sun is shining at like 8-10am or around 1-2 pm. Gives you the relaxing sunshine to beam on your face and pages as you unwind
Chiara P.
The best time to read is when you feel down, when you need to forget everything around you and your worries. It is not a way to run away from your problems. It is a way to think, ask questions, to be somenthing and someone else.
Loren X.
Can't figure out myself. I'm working on just intrigrating it into my life through various types of reading. Sometimes reesearch. Sometimes fun.
Franciele A.
I love to read, so I read anytime I have a bit of downtime. I’m kind of old school and will usually prefer to read over messing around on my phone. The best time I think to read is before bed, because it is a great way to relax and unwind without electronics to mess around with your sleeping habits
Jar P.
There is no best time to read. Everyone has different preferences. I read a newspaper or other non fiction in the morning to start up my day. And a fiction novel at night to wind down for bed. Try reading at different times of the day to see what fits you best
Ddub Butterfly Q.
I find reading easy between business , adapting to schedules life things …my brain needs food and this is it reading…