What do I do if I struggle to read right before bedtime and end up going back on my device?

Lorraine Q.
Maybe you should put your phone on silent mode or airplane mode and also turn the wifi in your device off. Put them where you can't see. And read a book that is interesting to you. If you can't stay away from your device, just start listening to instrumentals using headphones. Don't forget to turn the wifi and the notifications off. Slowly transition into not using your phone (even to listen to music)
Anna E.
Make yourself a “punishment” if you take the phone when you shouldn’t, for example: “If I take my phone one again, tomorrow I will have to do 20 crunches plus read the same number of pages I should have read today”. Try 🙂
Erica S.
I found that to be a problem as well so I started taking advantage of the digital book app and searched for insightful articles that would peek my interests and encourage me to read. You don’t always have to have a book in hand.