How can I keep reading daily?

Katie F.
Find books you like to read! It’s okay to skip around and try to find ones that appeal to you, and it becomes irresistible to read with every spare moment. It really is about enjoyment more than anything.
Lene Y.
Hi there. I may not be the leading expert on this as I just started reading for fun. But I found that what has made it easier is finding something you care about reading and doing it in small segments or pages/chapters. Good luck. Hope this helps!
Albina Q.
Make a habit to read at the same time very day. Also choose a spot optimal for reading as it is important to have proper body support and so you can focus on what you are reading. But most important is to read about things you enjoy. Don't pick up a book if it doesn't scream interesting to you. Remember we all have different likes so read about things you like.
Rigo O.
I personally own a kindle and use that as a reading outlet. However, somedays when I don't feel like reading a book, I'll read an interesting news article. It could be anything from the New York Times or even a fun article about the Jonas Brothers on Buzzfeed. Either way, it doesnt matter what you read, but as long as you read something that is interesting to you that day.
Lisa N.
Do it just before bedtime, that’ll make you read every day and more importantly, you won’t use your phone, laptop, tv… before you go to sleep. Plus, that way you actually get tired, really fast! It’s perfect for me personally.
Keisha N.
Firstly, use cues. Cues are indicators that tell your mind that you should do and use whatever is near you. An example is placing your book on your bedside table, or somewhere near your bed. This tells you that you should read when you’re in bed. Adjust where your cues are based on your routine but this will encourage you to keep reading when there’s a book nearby.
Secondly, keep the variety wide. Now, some people only like to read fiction or non-fiction, but personally, keeping the variety wide gives me a lot of choices that I can choose from, depending on what mood I’m in. I could be listening to an educational audiobook on my phone, reading a fantasy novel or learning how to take care of myself.
Aphrena N.
Read things that interest you. Sometimes when I’m reading all academic work I need a break for some good fantasy reading. I find it easier to read things I am only partially interested in if I’m in the habit or reading already.