What tips do you have for making time to read?

Maura Z.
I love my e-reader. It is small enough to fit in any bag, and so I just read in the in between times when I am waiting for something. It has helped me be on time/early more often as well, because I am excited to read! One that has the “paper” setting is best so you can read by lamplight at night and not have the blue light messing with your sleep.
Joe P.
Normally while relaxing I think about what I'm going to watch next on a streaming service, and often have a hard time settling on what I am 'in the mood' for–resulting in many different series that I am watching in tandem. I found that treating myself to books from many genres and interests helps me to always have something I'm excited to read, no matter the timing or my mood. It was a lot easier to put reading back into my everyday when I release myself from the rule of 'one book at a time.' It's OK to not finish a book that doesn't light you up! Don't make it a chore, but make the task into a relaxing reward. Good luck!