How to stay focus in starting to read books?

Namira A.
get rid of everything that bothers you. read in a quiet and neat place. read books to satisfy curiosity. because if you read only for a new habit but can't satisfy your curiosity, it is a waste of time. interesting book topics will make you more focused because it's your passion.
Alice P.
Great question, I still struggle to do that. The answer is, there's not a real answer actually. But I can tell you that everything starts with small actions. Put the book you want to read close to your bed, so that you can read it before going to sleep. Remind yourself that reading is good for yourself, so even if you read two pages it's okay, you don't need to "try hard". I started by reading five pages a day, than a chapter, now I "eat" my books in less than three days. A tip, choose the right book, be true to yourself and never buy something that doesn't really interests you. I noticed that I used to struggle on fantasy or narrative books, because I couldn't really stick on (or to idk?) stories or stuff like that. Now I read books that inspire me to be a better person, that can make me grow mentally. You can look for some inspirational/motivanal ones, books about how to be productive or successful and so on. I hope this can help you. Sorry for the grammar, I'm still learning:)