When and where do you usually read a book?

Larissa F.
I usually read in bed. Sometimes I read in my office but I can virtually read anywhere. Books get me hooked to the point that I forget about the surroundings and dive deep into whatever I'm reading.
Joanne O.
I often read after I get ready for bed. After my skincare routine and some stretching, I fold back the covers, lean against the padded headboard of my bed, and choose a book from my nightstand.
Alberte Z.
I can read pretty much anywhere (as long as there isn't too much noise). I'd recommend a nice and chill coffee shop, a garden or your own room (or maybe in your balcony)! Also, I love reading before I go to sleep, it always helps me to relax.
Rosangela Z.
I usually read a book on my bed, before I got to sleep at night. Due to the blue lights on screens sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep. So reading at night (around 9:30-10:30) is a good time for me at least. It also helps me calm down for the day. I had finished reading the book Between Shades of Gray & it was really good. Now I am reading Ready Player One.
I hope this answer helps