What is the hard part in the reading habit and how did you get over it ?

Vanessa Y.
The hard part for me in the reading habit for me maybe this one, I'm the typical of person that get distract easily. So, it happens to in my reading habit. And then, it's hard for me to finish an nonfiction book than the fiction one. Like, sometimes it just so bored to read and I can't continue that. But, I always remind myself to finish what I start, no matter how long the time that I take, but I will finish it. So that's how I cope it too, how i get over it.
Aylin N.
The hard part about reading is actually reading. I mean, it is easy and interesting to read, but sometimes you don't have any motivation, time or energy to read. But with the fabulous app, I started reading more! Because Fabulous IS my motivation. I read even if I am tired. Thank you.
Marilyn P.
It was not too hard for me to do, I have multiple stacks of books on my nightstand that I am always trying to find time to get to. Lately I became consumed with shows, more as a background noise. But it has been nice to get some reading in again! Start light, don’t go too heavy unless you find a book that pulls you in “can’t put it down” type. I find it fascinating when I notice my vocabulary, articulated conversations and deep subjects come about when you read more and more. So ‘educating myself’ is a big motivator for me. I started forcing myself to do it as soon as I lay in bed, even if I forgot and already turned the lights off I will turn them back on to at least get a page or two in. Not too much pressure, but enough push to get little bits in at a time is better than nothing. 🙂
Anna O.
it is hard to get used to something that you've never done before. for the beginning, I was hard to focus as this is my first time to make reading as my habit. but I believe as the time passed, it would change everything.