What is one of your favourite books?

Danilo A.
I am such a big reader so I'm glad I got this question! Some of my favourites are the hate u give by Angie Thomas it's about life in the eye of 17 year old star whos best friend who is black gets murdered by the police it's actually a very touching story and great for what's going on in the world currently and just in general a really great book, if that's not really your style if u like mystery and crime a really good one I read in like 4 days is called I know where she is, it's about this girl who is missing for 10 years and on the 10 year mark the mother of the girl gets a mysterious note saying I know where she is and basically keeps getting clue and closer and closer to finding her daughter but she can't go to law enforcement because they are part of the kidnapping . Anyways hope this helped a bit !
Della U.
Harry Potter, all of them. I could read them repeatedly.

I also love the Geurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Isa As Q.
One of my favorite books is 'the book thief'. It's a about a little girl called Liesel. Liesel's mother can't take care of herand she and here little brother