Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction?

Joyce Z.
I prefer both because nonfiction gives facts and tells only the truth about the topic,and fiction makes you intertwined.
Kayleigh N.
I generally prefer non fiction. My favourite type of book is a biography, but I do love anything that is based on a person’s life.
Simone I.
I actually enjoy both. I'm currently reading a self-help book about self-love and a fiction book about a girl who's a werewolf. If I would have to pick a favorite, I would say nonfiction. I tend to read those in way less sittings, and self-help books take me a bit longer since there isn't really a suspense factor.
Colleen G.
Fiction, actually. I like a world to escape to, especially one that seems like my own. When I’m in that world, no one can touch me, and it’s the best feeling in the world.
Kadi Q.
Fiction! While there are of course non-fiction titles worth the read (people do some amazing things!) – something about fiction is just better. It can transport you anywhere to any time.