How long do you you read each day?

Regina S.
I read for at least 30 minutes each day and that is for my own pleasure and leisure. However, I read longer than that typically, if I take in account reading of the news, websites, emails and other documents.

By the way, you you used you you in your question… Any relevance? Or just a typo?

Elias F.
I am second in English at a secondary school so I do tend to read a lot. I also read lots of different style; Non-Fiction, fiction, poetry etc. I love reading. So I can't really state how much a day as it varies. But I would say I rarely go a day without at least 30 minutes.
Whitney P.
At night when I get in bed I read for a minimum of an hour. I read on my Nook Glowlight which I enjoy as it doesn’t bother your eyes. I read a variety of different books to keep things interesting: fiction, mystery, and self-improvement mostly.
Rucsa F.
I started with tge 30 min timer and after a couple of days I feel like reading at least twice per day, more than half an hour each time. I love it
Frederique Q.
About 3 to 4 hours, I guess. Normally, I don't read that much on a day because I don't make time for it, but now with corona I have more time which results in reading 🙂
Oliv Rio B.
Most days I read an hour or more. I find that the more I read the easier I can focus on stories and the more interested I become in them. Somedays get to hectic and busy so I only make it for 20 minutes but that's ok. The more you read the more you want to read.
John J.
I only read up to 30 to40 minutes a day at the moment. I used to read a lot before having kids and working at a stressful job. Plus alteration of priorities. I hope to get back to reading and studying after tidying up my home and getting my health and finances under control. I struggle with all the bits I put on the fabulous and all the things that are there but making some headway.
Nikolaj J.
I scheduled 10 minutes a day for personal Bible reading each day but I can't remember the last time I read words on a printed page in spite of having a growing collection of books.
Becki G.
I try to read about 30 minutes to an hour before bed, depending on how into the story I am. I usually miss a night or two per week, but mostly I've been keeping up with this habit!
Isabelle T.
My reading time varies. I like to read for hours some days and only in short bursts on others. It depends on how I'm feeling.
Samantha Q.
I read just a couple of chapters before everyone wakes up and I have to get on with breakfast.

Then I read again for about half an hour before bed until I feel sleepy and am at a good breaking point in the book.

Usually non-fiction in the morning and fiction in the evening.

Dwayne O.
Not too much, only 30 minutes more or less. It depends on how much I'm interested, how late it is and if I want to do something else.
Ethel C.
It totally depends on the book. I can get totally stuck in a book and finish it in 2 days (thus reading as often as i can during the day and I often read very late into the night, so for hours on end). OR it can take me months to finish a book. I’m currently reading one that I’m not enjoying too much but try to read at least a few pages every night.
Jasmin F.
Normally, at least 30mins, before I go to sleep. Given the current circumstances, though, I’m reading for probably closer to a couple of hours per day.
Tammy U.
For pleasure, I read anywhere from 30 mins to a couple hours. I’m doing a lot of research right now for my job so I read an avg of 5-6 hours a day.
Purple S.
I try to do at least 5minutes. Because I know that once I start it's very hard to stop. So I get about 20-30 m before night most days
Astra G.
It’s different every time. I try to read at least 20 minutes. When I want to finish a chapter it might be longer and up to an hour.