What was the last extraordinary idea that come after your reading?

Shaunessy N.
Often, my ideas that come from reading push me towards improving myself and reaching for my goals. I may be inspired to go practice my piano and learn to compose a song, or write poetry, or sometimes even build on a new friendship. It may depend on the book; sometimes it inspires to learn much more about a particular subject!
Jan R.
I work as a manager for an aviation company. I was reading a book about leadership and after reading it i had the idea of sending a motivational email to all my employees using the techniques i learnt in the book
Gilbert T.
While reading a book for my first college class, I am noticing all the information I wish I had 2 months ago. I suggested that younger students suggest the book as curriculum for a progressive class I took and feel it is well suited for. Reading this book has goven me so much insight into how the world truely functions and I've only read one Chapter.