If you could recommend one book about productivity, what would it be?

Noam E.
I am sorry, I cannot help you with a book recommendation. But there are good Ted talks if you want to look that up instead.
Santiago N.
The book that helped me most is: Getting Things Done. The book has a recipe/process to order your day and focus on the task at hand.
Wilfried O.

I would recommend the compound effect by Darren Hardy.
It’s a nice book and he explain every well how a little action done it everyday can change your life after months or years.

Craig E.
Haven’t had the opportunity to read much , maybe u could make a suggestion? Have you maybe read anything good ? Recently I have reading autobiographies but can do with a good recommended read!
Regina U.
I'm afraid I have never learnt about productivity.It would be great rather u recommend me Thanks Fabulous. you're making me feel like fabulous