How do you find the pleasure to read after losing it?

Bailey F.
I spent 2 years working as a book reviewer for a few different publishing companies and it was a lot of fun but I was constantly reading. It didn't really bother me at the time because I loved reading and I was tackling 60+ books a year. But eventually the burnout out came and for the next couple years I only read between 4-10 books a year. Which is still great, but a huge difference from what I was reading before. I never stopped enjoying reading, I think there just came a point when I had to remember to read things for ME. Because I was reviewing books, I wasn't always reading the content that appealed best to me. I've had to learn to stop forcing myself to finish a book if I'm just not enjoying it.
Jeff J.
I have read every day for years. Fiction, nonfiction etc. It is a shame when people have not read they are missing all the imagined worlds and interesting information out there.
Reyna N.
I no longer force myself to perfectly understand every word; instead I grasp the big picture first and if necessary I will come back and read it a second time. Not breaking the flow is Important.

I also consider it a skill to guess the meaning of a new word in context; forcing yourself to keep going without looking up the word helps develop that skill.

Valentina Z.
Just start again, as dumb as it sounds. But pick up a book, maybe even something you have read before and really enjoyed at the time and then take ten minutes to read, start small and slowly you won't be checking your watch anymore to see if the ten minutes is up
Emily Z.
You have to be sure what your reading interests you and is keeping you captivated. If it's still boring after 5 chapters maybe try a different book, from a different genre.
Josephine T.
When I was young, I really liked to read. But my parents were against it because I was doing that all the time. After some time I did not find the pleasure and was hard to start. But i think this is the one thing most hard on it. When you find the good book, you will have trouble to stop again ❤️ spread love
Annerose O.
I believe you need to find a book that your soul wants to read…something that catches your curiosity…My experience is that when I find a book like that, I read it within a few days. Other books end up back in the shelf…so keep looking what sticks with you 🙂
L O E.
You need to remember why you started reading in the first place. Put it as a habit, either in your morning, afternoon, or night routine so you stick to it. It’s the most important habit and only habit that is in my night routine right now, and because it is the only habit I’m focusing on, I get it done. Also, make sure you find a book that you WANT to read. If it’s something you enjoy and is interesting you’ll want to read it more.