How do you get started with work when you have absolutely no motivation?

Carla T.
If I have absolutely no motivation I normally won't get anything done, so instead of beating myself up for it I schedule the things I have to do and put them in order of priority, I have a board with a programmer so I write down for when I need to get things done and then schedule when I'm gonna do them in my head based on how much time I have till the deadline. I've been trying to make "to do" lists recently tho, it helps a bit to keep track of everything and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you finish something and check it out of the list.
Armon A E.
My motivation is beyond the specific work. Work is a means to have economic resources, and learn new things every day. But work is also a way to contribute with society which I think is important too. We have to take care of ourselves but also contribute with society.
Princess E.
Rewarding myself if I finish the work
Also I try to start with small missions until I get completely involved in work + I take small breaks in between
Poorva Z.
So when i get distracted n i don't have any motivation to do work i just write in a paper that what will happen to myself if i would not do that work i write it on a full blank page n read it again n again when i get distrated n lose my motivation you can try this it will surely going to help you(: