Do you have any particular tips for reading dense, scientific papers without losing focus?

Wieslaw U.
I prefer breaking the reading material into mini chapters. And not to mention a quite space is what always let's you focus better
Mille X.
Well, to read those I need to keep a non-relaxed posture and not to be sleepy. And I am curious about understanding science, but that is not a conscious decision.
Margot Q.
None, especially if it’s a Cell paper. Haha.

Seriously, though, I like to print out papers because I can make notes in the margins while I read them and that helps me focus. Also, I look at the figures and figure captions first because then I know what the general idea of the paper is and can get through the text more easily.

Susie F.
I normally make myself feel smart. Is that weird? Anyway, you get out all your nice stationary, think about the end result, what good grade I will get out of this? Like a reward at the end.