How do you motivate yourself to read?

Franz F.
Try to find a book that really interests you. Maybe the story sounds exciting or you want to know more about a specific topic with a non-fiction. And to get in reading try to reserve a time of about 15 min and just start for this limited time.
Hagar U.
I motivate myself to read by making my environment quiet and clean. This helps me concentrate and gather my thoughts before reading the book. I also like to drink a cup of coffee to relax my senses.
Maddi U.
By picking a book I know I will want to read on everyday. Also by disconnecting from my phone. It can be achieved without having to fully isolate yourself but when you read or if you remember from times of reading in the past, you can become immersed in a book. If your attention wants to be somewhere else you can’t always immerse like you would like to which makes reading the book unenjoyable. Put it in your routine on here and actually take that 30 minutes to read even if you can’t focus for the full 30. Take the time out everyday and soon it will just be something you do. You do not always need motivation to get things done. I hope this helps 🙂