How to keep focus when reading books

Arun I.
a)Do not think as just words imagine someone else is dictating to you
b)Forget your worries
C)have yourself a goal
D) understand and learn transform
Have a sip of water read the particular day at particular location
Parinaz X.
I found I get easily distracted by the notifications on my phone, so I turned them all off! I also listen to the music from this Fabulous app to tune out any outside distractions since I live in an apartment
Ana Lle Z.
I recommend making time to read and when that time comes put everything in silent mode and avoid any distractions. Find a comfy place. Stick your headphones in and choose an instrumental-only, no lyrics, playlist and just read!
Zee O.
If at all possible, read books that capture your interest. Sit in a place that is comfortable for you. Play music that relaxes you and enjoy the words on the page. If you find yourself going over the same sentences and it isnt sticking, just put the book down and rest. Make tea or coffee then come back OR take some time to stretch. Setting a timer or deciding how many chapters you will read helps, too. You set your focus with a goal and you can accomplish it. Happy Reading!