Do you try to read more than one book at once?

Isobel P.
Yes! I try to be reading a few different things so when I find a moment where I would normally check social media I have something to read. Something light on my phone, something interesting for the evening, and a physical book of some kind nearby so I can reach for it instead of my phone.
Laura B.
Personally, I don’t. I will feel to overwhelmed with too many worlds, or even worst, get confused within the stories of the books. I prefer one world at a time 🙂
H Lo Se C.
I like to read one book a time because I can focus better on the story told, and sometimes when I read two books I mix the plot lines or the characteristics of the characters
Meredith X.
Always. I like to have one fiction and one non-fiction book going. I have an audiobook (fiction) for when I'm crafting or moving around and fiction for night time.
Yanis S.
No i like to focus on what im reading so trying to read more than one book at a time will mess my focus up but as i have kindle unlimited what i do is i read a few chapters of a book and if i can't get into it i give it back and look for another one so while im looking my focus won't be on that book anymore and i will try another one but i find focusing on one book at a time makes me more relaxed if i tried switching it would probably make me more alert trying to keep the stories apart
Randy S.
I do. I like to read multiple books at once. Especially if they are different types of books (fiction versus non-fiction)
Claire S.
I don't try to read more than one book at a time but sometimes I will have a few books on the go. Mostly if I find one book a little heavy going or just feel like a change for some reason, or if someone has lent me a book and they need it back.
Nancy F.
i do try and read one book whilst also reading another. most of the time i be reading a few books at the same time but i don’t get confused because to me i deterine the strifes or lessons of each one and chose books that are very different from one another