What keeps yours interest when reading a good book?

Sole Q.
Well, it doesn’t take much for me to keep me interested in a book. I love to read, so whenever I have a new book I get immersed in it. Sometimes I listen music while reading, other I investigate the author and the subject that the book is related to.
Nanci Q.
I’m personally not an avid reader and sometimes tend to struggle too when reading books. Some things that I’ve seen working for me are getting to know a little bit of the book beforehand, having put some effort into researching the background before makes me a bit more interested and committed to it. I also enjoy reading one book at a time and dedicating some time to reading big chunks at once, since I struggle to come back into it once I interrupted reading it. Finally, it also may be beneficial to imagine and put into perspective what you read, that way you both understand it better and get more engaged to it.
Anadir Q.
Well I love to draw and color, so I always imagine the characters and think I can nay be draw them doing whatever they're doing in the book, plus I read a lot of suspense and thrilling books so you can imagine how indulged I'll be. How about you?
Deb Y.
I have to be in the mood for that particular storyline. I currently am reading about 4 (5?) books. The other day I picked up a book that I put down a few months ago and read the whole book in one sitting. I have a sunroom that I have a lovely chair in – it’s big oversized I can curl up in it with my blanket and pillow and cat. Make a cup of tea and just disappear. Love those days and treasure them.
Pamela U.
When you're interested in the book and you really want to read it there are still several reasons why it doesn't work.
1) You always get distracted. The best thing then to do it to search for a quiet room, doors closed and phone muted. If family members disrupt you then talk about it. Tell them that you would like to read for a specific period of time and after this time you'll come to them to see if you can do anything for them.
2) You feel like not having the time for it. It's worth tracking one's activities during the day and the time you spend on them. You'll realize that you can easily save time for reading. Additionally, it might be a good idea to have a date everyday. Like one for your music lesson also have a fix date for reading.
3) Although you managed to bot have any problem with 1 and 2 you can't stick to it? Maybe the book turned out to be not that interesting anymore…then it might be useful to read about opinions of many other people. Maybe it'll be super exciting starting on page 78. Maybe the whole book will turn out as a flop. And then you can still decide if you'll read on or change the book.
Oh and for some people it is helpful to listen to classical music to be able to concentrate more! Just try that out.
I hope this will help you!:)
Gene S.
Being in a quite place, with good light is better when it is sun light. Algo a good and warm tea, being in a confortable space
Rebekah P.
I read books that serve me well. I read books in themes (ex. Leadership, STEM, Women’s Studies). The books I choose to read are based on subjects that I am passionate about and are grounded in research. There are some books that do not hold my interest because they do not present the facts through grounded research. Another reason a book may not maintain interest is that it displayed repetitive logical fallacies and/or cognitive biases throughout and is a waste of time. The information may also be outdated. If this is the case there is no reason to invest my interest or time on the book. However, if the book is based on a passion and offers a novel problem-solving technique that is grounded in the facts and not on wishful or magical thinking; it is worth investing time and energy into. Some books are just not good – do not force it. When I have found a new book and it suits one of the variety of interest that I have, I ask myself throughout the book: How does this relate to all of the other fields, is the argument sound, how will this benefit anyone around me by my knowing this, how can I use this information, does it work in reality, is the author’s writing style self-serving and shallow, or is it meaningful?
Andr A Z.
Paul Polman inspireert mij om op een vergelijkbare manier in het leven te staan. In een omgeving waar het niet gewoon is, met passie, he eigen weg gaan
Cat U.
Biographies and nonfiction seem to hold my attention more easily than fiction and novels. Stories of strong women always get me hooked. Anthropological books are almost always great reads as well